Tell me please...


Hi Geobg!

Nice grooves. The first one reminds me a bit of King Crimson without the over-the-top polyrhythmic stuff they usually launch into. The second one definitely lends itself well to either a soprano sax or synth playing slightly outside over the groove. Sorta in a 80s Miles vein if you get where I'm coming from. The third groove has a good tonal anchor that again provides for good opportunities to launch into something a bit more outside for solos.
So, for me if it was my project I'd work on adding some interesting percussion with sparse soloing on the first one and for the last two focus on laying down some good solos with a soprano sax player and maybe a keyboard player as well for solos and pads to maintain interest in the tune. Lots of possibilities on all of those!

I'll be interested to hear your approach to these when you're finished!


Thank You for your amswer.I'm finished the stuffs,but i can to transfered only to 1MB MP3.More I can to transfered only throught ICQ.Sorry.:( My ICQ is: 253382414

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