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Tell me this is not a 1947 J-45

Hey all,

while searching my local craigslist, I came upon this item when I typed in gibson in the search box.

This guy claims this guitar is a 1947 Gibson J-45, but judging by the brown headstock alone, it looks like a late 60s/early 70s Gibson B-25 or LG series. Am I right about this? (I have 69/70 B-25N with a headstock identical to the one pictured.)

Here's the ad:




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Looks like a Late 60s J-45 to me ( w/ a replaced and "upgraded" bidge ). It should have an adjustable bridge but many say they are tone killers and are often swapped out so it's not unusual to see them changed


nope - prolly a typo and meant 74 ... even though he did it twice.... either that - or the lady doesn't know a damn thing about guitars.....


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on drugs !
wrong color burst,pickguard,bridge,headstock ....much more than that .
not even close


Does kinda look like a 1960s B25 with an LG bridge. I don't think Gibson even started using that color burst till the early 60s.

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