Tell me this isn't one of THE best performances ever in live music


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I normally don't like to yuck on someone else's yum, but they coulda picked up the tempo just a bit. I felt like I was "waiting" a lot...

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot about the rules. Here's a little something in the same vein...

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Best for me was hands-down Corrosion of Conformity at the Whisky.
They were playing a Black Sabbath cover & the crowd went nuts. The audience interaction was top-shelf.
It's actually almost a tie with a performance by L7 I saw around the same time at The Palace. The amount of bodies floating around on top of the crowd was insane & it felt like the entire room was moving. The band was on FIRE!

A close 3rd would be Exodus at the Vic Theatre in Chicago.
And finally Testament & Vio-Lence for my first live show ever, what a great day & night!
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