Sold Templeboard Trio21, Case, Mounting brackets, etc...


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After much deliberation, I have decided to move to a smaller board, as I am mostly playing acoustic and not utilizing the full potential of this board. I am working on getting the full number of quick release things i have, but some will need to have the adhesive ordered for them.

Whats included:
Trio 21 Pedalboard-
Pelican Flight Case-
- There is room for cable storage and assorted items under the board.
AC Mains Module-
Mounting Bracket-
- This adds stability and I have a Power supply mounted to it, as well.
Assortment of Quick Release Pedal Plates- Most will need replacement adhesive, but some haven't been used at all.

All this will come at the bargain price of -$300 Shipped and Paypal. Would do a partial trade for Pedaltrain NOVO18 with Hard Case.

Pictures are forthcoming, as it is loaded and sitting in the case in the corner right now.
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