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Tex Mex PUP in Squier Standard Strat


Senior Member
I know, the Sqier sucks, but I'm trying to make do with what I got in spare parts and refinish the body and put new PUPS in it. I got some Fender Tex Mex PUPs floating around, and I was going to put the Bridge one in the Bridge position of Squier (I have an Arctec for the Neck PUP)......is this a good idea? Thank you, Brian


Silver Supporting Member
The Tex Mex bridge is pretty thin sounding.

I think overall it should sound 'better' than most stock Squier pickups but likely he stock bridge will be hotter and a little fuller, but in a more generic way.

While you're in there, definitely do the mode so the second tone control works on the bridge and middle pickups.


The Tex Mex bridge is overwound and distinctly fatter than a stock strat's. I actually found it too fat/loud and ended up replacing it with a Tex Mex neck in my guitar to make it more authentically stratty. Unless you're after a bridge pickup that's so overwound it no longer sounds like a strat, I doubt you'd find the Tex Mex bridge too thin.

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