Texas style...


Hey y'all! Howdy from Dallas! I am glad to finally find an active online forum mainly dedicated to gear. Happy to be here!

I've been playing off/on since 14, but really started getting serious only in the last couple of years. I have a serious case of GAS, only limited by my lack of income... I've cycled through various racks & setups and now am in a modded/boutique pedal phase. I actually play bass more than guitar live, but gravitate back to guitar whenever possible. Playing bass has made me a better guitarist...

Guitar wise, I like 'em all in some form or fashion! I'm down to only a MIM Strat, a 89' Jap Jackson archtop soloist, a Jackson bass, and a Simon & Patrick acoustic (from the 'nooks up north). Taylor, Les Paul, and PRS are next on the list (had and forced to sell due to economics!!!)


Welcome to TGP Stratman34! This place is taylor made for the gear nerd in us all. Watch out for your modded/boutique pedal phase though, it's an endless pitfall of GAS....

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