TGP Best Ever Pedal thread


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The BEST pedal per TGP Forumites was the

Freekish Blues
Alpha Drive!

And the Vertex Wah,
which I said sounded like a BBE and was crucified by saying so.

The educated ears of TGP said that even those who played a Dumble could not find any differences between the Alpha Drive and the amp. YES, YOU GUYS SAID IT!!!!

Now, my picks:

Tim, Landgraff Mo'd (I have heard 3, 2 I loved 1 I liked) Centura, EHX DMM, Cornish SS3 and P2 at right temperatures and with the right amp, Castledine Wah, Diamond compressor, my beloved Script phase 90 (yes bought it and sold a Halo phase, lol, Mooer Flanger.
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