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TGP if you have long fingers.. does that make you an awesome shredder??


Gold Supporting Member
you wouldn't think these fingers could shred, but they are pretty frickin nimble:


James M

How about Django? He didn't "shred" per se, but was pretty darn nimble on the fretboard, and wasn't fully functional in the finger department...


my fingers are really wide making an open A fretted with 3 fingers impossible.

I don't think it helps at all....it's hard for me to properly fret a gibson high up on the neck as i'm only able to use a very small portion of my fingertip without fretting out on both sides.


I heard a great quote, unfortunately I don't remember exactly who said it, one of the great, great classical pianists (Artur Rubinstein, perhaps?). Apologies for paraphrasing and not remebering the quotee.

Anyway, after a typically superb performance, he was at a dinner party at which he was the guest of honor, conversing with the local socialites, when one of the women shakes his hand, and then says something to the effect of "how can you play such demanding, amazing music? You have such small hands!".

In all earnesty, ho looks at her and says, "Madame. What ever led you to believe I make music with my hands?"


Clouds yell at me
Gold Supporting Member
Defining shredding as playing fast, I actually think short fingers are a bit of an advantage--economy of movement.

But I don't think the length of your fingers are a big limiting factor--practice, and what you set your sights on attaining with that practice, are way more important. And whatever your fingers' physical dimension might make it more difficult to do, they also make it easier to do something else.

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