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TGP internet collaboration!!


A number of years ago I was involved with a project with Sting which never made it to the public but which I thought was a brilliant idea:

Take a piece of music, start it one place, in this case it was NYC, and send it around the world and let musicians contribute what they like and make something cool at the end. To be honest I have no idea what happened as I was only on the first few sessions.

Here at TGP there are great players and we all lay down our ideas on various BT's, but what if we made a compilation CD? Cool Bt's and collaborative composition, (without arguing lol).?

I am willing to contribute some guitar, and I have a lot of experience as a mixer and have a pretty state of the art Protools studio. Maybe we could make something communal and quite beautiful, different styles mixed together like brazillion blues and prog metal funk? World bebop?

Just an idea, but there is a lot of talent and good people here. thought I would throw this out an see who yells at me!!:jo


great idea! Seriously - I love it.
Back when ADAT's were big I thought of doing something like this with musicians where I live, but never got an ADAT recorder! so it never happened....
How should it start? beat first? a few notes? man, the options are limitless...you don't really want to lay down an entire beat or framework, or do you?


Silver Supporting Member
There have been quite a few TGP collabs...
That said, keep 'em coming!

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