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Hello all,
Although I have been reading/searching the TGP Forum for quite some time now, I finally took the time to create an account.

ME: USAF for almost 17 years now. I started out in aircraft maintenance, but needed something a little more challenging so I became a C-130 Flight Engineer. I have been playing guitar on and off for about 16 years now (mostly off...thanks to Uncle Sam). Like many, my style has transitioned throughout the years and have setteld into a Blues/Rock(ish) kinda thing.

Current arsenal: Statocasters (3), Telecaster, Les Paul Studio, Ibanez Jet King, another Tele soon to be added to the group (currently being nitro finished).

AMPS: Peavey Classic 50 212, Peavey Classic 30 112 (that darn 50 is too heavy to lug around all the time), Crate 5watt Class A, Recently ordered a REASON BAMBINO (anxiously waiting).

FX: Ibanez TS9 (2), MXR Classic 108 Fuzz, Vox wah, Vox Tonelab LE

Well, not sure what else to say about myself. I figure everything else will come out in the mix.

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