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Your community has been a great support, and we are especially thankful for Scott Peterson giving us a try and a great write-up in 2014 when we had just started.

Since then, we have sold many thousands of packs with a very strong repeat customer base. Everyone loves Monster Grips, and what completely surprised us, is how many personal emails we get containing stories of life-changing experiences.

Our hearts are touched that not only have we helped thousands of musicians from beginner to professional, but have also reunited those who had to set down their instrument due to injury or illness. Many individuals with arthritis, muscular conditions, missing fingers, and other situations that had previously hindered them, have once again found confidence in their grip and are able to play without the frustration they had before.

It has been a great life experience so far, and we never thought that a company born out of my personal battle with Leukemia would put us in touch with and allow us to help so many people.

Thank you all, and God bless!

Andrew - Founder

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