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That feeling, that tone, that moment.....


I just experienced " that tone". The feel of the way the tone reacted to the way I was playing was great. Playing the Les Paul futura that's moded with a Seymour Duncan firebird in the neck and CTS pots thru a Timmy into a Rivera knucklehead- in 50 watt mode with the ninja boost on... It was just broken up but just a beautiful tone. Anyone else have an experience when you just hated to stop playing because of the moment, tone, and the feeling?


Nice, hope you keep feeling that way!

Like T92780 said, it's usually just a fleeting moment. That's at least how I feel when I "get it"


And tomorrow, with the exact same settings, you'll play it and think, "this sounds like total garbage", and the quest is renewed.

So true.

I find this to be why I have a hard tIME selling pedals. Once I have loved them, I know I could love then again. I rotate BD-2->DS-2, Snouse Blackbox v.2 ->Stomp Under Foot Civil Unrest, Analogman Silver modded SD-1-> 86 smallbox Rat. I love them all. I also love Blackbox->Klone. Many wicked OD stacks out there that all have different magic.


It is amazing. Tone is meant to be chased. When you can grab onto it, it sure is a wild ride. Then you search again.
The other night I treated my entire family and probably the neighbors to some "Let me love you baby" as I hit that tone by accident. It was legit, and I rode the wave for a few minutes till the general manager (aka wife) demanded a return to sanity.
I left all things as they were, did not touch a knob. Went back to find the same tone the next morning, but not to be found. Very close, but not the same.
It's also surprising how different the same rig will sound in different rooms.


Happens to me occasionally. Usually followed by someone shouting out "turn down that damn guitar!". And then it's gone. :p
Or a wife assigning some chores. I was having a zen like moment with my guitar, amp, and pedal. My hands were feeling great and hitting the right notes. I think she sensed I was happy.


You know, I've experienced these fleeting moments too, and I wonder if there is some factual effect to it that makes exactly the same rig sound different one day from the next.

I came to the conclusion that - at least in the homes I have lived in - the AC mains' quality must be one of these factors: I have not measured the AC voltage output where I plug my amps in, and I don't have a voltage conditioner, but my rig at times sounds magical, and sometimes it does sound a bit harsher.


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