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That feeling when you click on MF’s Stupid Deal of the Day ...


... and for the 7343rd day in a row, they’re offering a pair of headphones or a drum stool — and NOT an El Capistan for $50 or a Kingsley for a sawbuck.

Tomorrow, I tell myself. They’ll have the pedal of my dreams for 90% off tomorrow.

(SDOTD has actually been my source for an affordable Fat Sandwich, DOD Phasor and Hardwire Phaser, all of which I enjoy—but those deals are sadly few and far between.)


Silver Supporting Member
I used to check that page all the time waiting for my great deal.
I can't remember if I ever actually bought anything that way.
Stopped looking regularly years ago.

Silent Sound

I've bought a lot of stuff off the Stupid Deal over the years. It helps if you have a wide interest in music beyond just guitar stuff. Since I play about 20 instruments and used to run a small studio, I'd find something about once a month to buy.

In recent times, I haven't kept up with it. I closed my studio and have acquired just about everything I really need. I'm mostly just buying maintenance type items like strings and picks these days.
I got a cheap PA off SDOTD awhile back and it has been perfect for me. But that was like 6 months ago and I've checked every day since and I haven't been close to buying anything since.

Big in Japan

Silver Supporting Member
I still check it every day. It's great for the couple of times a year something comes up that I want. I picked up a Wampler Reflection on SDOTD earlier this month for $100. It doesn't bother me when SDOTD isn't something I want. It's a happy surprise when it is something I want.

String Winder

Senior Member
most are a waste of time but somtimes you get a great deal....Wampler Reflection pedal which is a reverb pedal was on there couple weeks ago and I got one...
regular price 199.99
sdotd price 99.99
i saved 100.00 and its a great and Wampler makes quality pedals.... I’ll take it everyday for 99.99....

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