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That Metal Show, weigh in


I like the show, it's entertaining and doesn't take itself too seriously. I like most of the guests they have, because they're more "classic" metal. But yeah, the guest guitarists usually don't come across very well. Steve Stevens rocked, though, and he really stood out.


I was also very impressed by John 5's playing as the show's guest guitarist. On the other hand I found both Richie Kotzen and Jake E Lee's performances on the recent shows absolutely dreadful...

John 5 is a fantastic guitarist but some of the other recent guests have been terrible (I cringed during the Jake E Lee episodes - they had him play two shows!). Overall I like the show but I prefer the older "basement" look over their new slick look and format.


Some of our 80's shredders/rockers arent quite the same as they once were.
Also some guys are just better at the jammin or off the cuff format that the Metal Show provides.
That said I loved when Billy Sheehan was the guest shredder/rocker.
That guy has so many cool grooves its staggering.


This, so much. I think fraternizing with so many rock stars has made him think he is one.

Combine that with really(really, really) dated comedians and you have a pretty weak starting point.

I think the hardest I've laughed was when watching the recent episode with Jake E Lee. To avoid having to pay out royalties he was playing Bark At the Moon, without playing Bark At the Moon and I got a good chuckle.

I agree the whole guest musician thing is not a good format. A few guitarists have managed to wow me, but those times are few and far between. The drummers are even more painful to watch....Brian Tishy, anyone?

I can't complain too much, though. I do keep it on my dvr queue. There are just not many tv shows that talk about decent music, and they have had some pretty cool guests.
My opinion is not without research. I've watched the show many times and have listened to Ed's radio show and even followed him on Twitter. I find that he tends to throw mini "tantrums" when a top five list doesn't go his way or when someone has a different view point. Once on the "stump the trunk" segment he got a question wrong and whined for about five minutes about how it wasn't a fair question and that the audience member misspoke.

His radio show is equally self-centered as one caller "dared" to suggest that he didn't like Dream Theater now that Mike Portnoy was out. Ed went on for twenty minutes about how the caller was wrong and how he is close, close, close friends with Mangini, etc...

I followed him on Twitter but couldn't take the updates and self-promotion every 20 seconds. He does have the best job in the world though...


I don't have cable anymore so I haven't seen it in awhile but I absolutely hated the Top Five lists.


Yngwie was great on the show. Yngwie was supposedly just there to talk and they brought out a practice amp and guitar on stage, no effects, and he kicked ass. That guy has no fear!

Ides of March

I love the show, I'm 39 so it's right in my age range of old metal. Coverdale, Lita, La Guns, John Sykes, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Phil Anselmo, Doro, Blackie Lawless, and others make it worth while for me.
Doug Aldrich ripped it up when he was the guest guitarist, so did George Lynch. I love the idea of the show, I like Florentine, the other guy with the sideburns is an idiot, could do without him. But Eddie to me is more fan than most and he flies the flag for metal which you don't see much on tv anymore or radio for that matter. So good for him to have a show for metalheads.


Grateful the show exists. They could probably smooth out some of the wrinkles but I watch it consistently.


John 5 ripped some faces off during his appearance. I think to date, that's the gold standard of the show's 30-second shreddery.
That's because the guy's not a one trick pony. He can play anything, and has a genuine love for music, and the instrument. He toured with KD Lang before Manson.


Silver Supporting Member
Used to watch it religiously, then it got too repetitive. Too many times with the same artists, too many hair band guys I never cared about.


Platinum Supporting Member
it ok but im just glad its their to keep the music available in the mere chance that one of my sons or their flat cap wearing pop music friends actually tunes in


Silver Supporting Member
I thought Schenker did a great job on guitar as well.

I love the show, have seen every episode. Trunks
antics dont bother me, the most annoying thing is
that guy Jim saying "nice" to nearly everything said.

I do think this past year was a weak season, and I
am not crazy about the "origins" segment.


I was around during the hayday of 80's metal and do watch the show whenever there's an interview or guest musician that I really like. However, my issue with the show is that it's not METAL enough. Maybe my definition of METAL is different, or VH1 Classic feels as if they can't show real METAL or something.... It basically should be called That Hard Rock Show.

That said, I've really enjoyed John 5's appearences, as well as George Lynch's....for the most part. Also the interviews with Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Phil Anselmo, and KING DIAMOND to name a few.

Things I don't like are the stupid locker room fart jokes, Stump the Trunk, and the top 5 list. I'd rather see more music and interviews.

Finally, I'm sorry Eddie Trunk but KISS is not METAL..... :dude
It's such an odd show because all of the hosts seem to have some sort of agreement that metal stopped existing sometime in the mid 90s.

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