That Pedal Show - going stale?


There are over 372 fuzz pedals alone. (That number is from a DIY pedal site’s listing, and is obviously not complete, but there are many more.)

If they are running out of materiel it’s only because they are boring, not lacking in pedals to talk about.


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this reminds me of people on tgp listing a salesman doing demos of pedals they sell as one of their favorite guitar players.

truly sad.

theres a lot of cool stuff online, no idea why anyone would watch that.

Are you kidding, bro? Rhett Shull is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. His slide toan is to die for and hes basically a more talented Jimi Page.


I only watch when they do a show with a guest like the recent Neil Finn one. Their regular episodes are too long for me. I don’t know how anyone sits through their Q&A episodes. Good on them for doing the show, I just feel like Mick especially has just become obsessed with expensive gear so it kind of turned me off a bit.


I love those guys, but the Q &A's tend to trod over the same ground. I miss when they'd run through 4 new pedals in an hour.

On a semi-related note, Dan's former band The Tin Spirits was great. Love the chorus of this tune.



I’ve rewatched the Ed O’Brien episode multiple times, but I haven’t been interested much in the recent episodes. Too “trad”?

Or, maybe I still feel burned by investing in two Wetter Box pedals before learning that there’s a huge, fundamental flaw in the design, which introduces terrible phase cancelling. Stay away!


I've been watching TPS for a long time now, but I've never really watched it religiously or watched every back episode. If it's a pedal or topic that's interesting they usually have a good take on it or explanation. Dan's mad rigs are always worth watching, and a lot of their technical episodes are great.

Crowded House? Couldn't care less. Three episodes on buffers? Rewatch them every few months.


It is a quality program made with care and passion. However, they can be quite irritating at times for the reasons I will list here, in no particular order:

- their blatant bias towards vintage pedals. Even when their '78 Boss DS-1 is farting with every pick attack, they seem to think it's the Holy Grail compared to a recent Taiwanese that works surprisingly well.

- their blatant negative bias towards digital. And this, especially for overdrives. It really seems to hurt them to admit that a digital overdrive can sound good. They admit it anyway, but it's always followed by a brief moment of shameful silence before they quickly move on to the thirtieth Fuzz Face clone of the year, which they will test at length with little cries of joy.

- their blatant negative bias towards any pedal that requires reading the manual at all. Their attitude is often to blame the pedal for their inability to read a two-page manual.

- the obsequious ass-kissing towards their guests. I'm still pretty uncomfortable watching Dan, a guy of a certain age, press his thighs firmly together, head back, eyes closed with his mouth open like a Japanese schoolgirl going through puberty in a twisted anime every time a guest pulls out a hot pentatonic blues lick.

As I write all this, I realize that the TPS Show could actually be called the TGP Show:hide

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I loved That Pedal Show until the last 4-5 episodes; I've started to tire of the format and I'm finding the quietly snobbish attitude to the cheaper pedal brands they allow on the show a bit irritating.

What do you guys make of the show lately?
They go through cycles. There are periods where they really hit the spot and others not so much and thats to be expected. Every once in a while I will watch an ancient episode and realize how far it has come.

As for their attitude, I don't get the sense that its snobbish, but they do like what they like and vice versa. They desperately tried to like the Iridium for example and ultimately rambled on about why its not like using an amp in the room. Are they wrong? No, but its really not meant to either. Its supposed to sound like a mic'ed up amp in a room which is a different thing.

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