That Pedal Show - going stale?


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I used to watch it, but I don't know how much duplicative pedal content most people can take. Pedals today are so derivative of a few staid designs that there just isn't any use for so much video production.

Granted, some innovation has come in the new century in the shape of Eventide and Strymon, those pushing the capability and functionality that can be fit into a single box. Things like the TimeFactor, TimeLine, Mobioius, etc have legitimately changed music. Modulation and Time-Based effects have gotten better in the last 20 years, but I'm not sure about the last 10. A video about the latest marshall in a box or A/Bing mid-heavy overdrives and RAT clones is not compelling viewing.

Nearly all the pedals getting reviewed on youtube these days are footnotes to designs from the 80s and 90s. Once you've seen a lot of it you don't need to see anymore.

What Chiefsfan15 said.

I love TPS, Dan & Mick. I’ve learned a ton, I love Dan’s playing when they give him a good delay and time to bliss out, and I love their rapport and the fact that they seem like truly good guys.

My take is that the issue at heart is that any “going stale” is simply the perception of someone who’s followed a show like this—you start by hunting for videos on specific you’re interested in; then you explore some of their other content; if you then like the show, you stick around and follow a bit more routinely; after a while, you then diverge into either the camp I’m in (I watch because I actually enjoy and learn from their long conversations), or you split off because there are only so many times you listen to talk about another derivative overdrive or boost pedal—just like Chiefsfan15 said.


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Enjoy it for the most part. Do they go on too long sometimes? Sure. But that’s when I can skip ahead or check out altogether. More positives than negatives for sure, IMO.
I bought a t shirt I like the show. But it has been a bit stale for sometime. It really livens up when they have a guest the Ed one had me not only becoming a huge In Rainbows/Radiohead fan. But also made me buy one of the Fender guitars.

I think they need to get out of that room a bit and change it up.

Tbh Andertons was a lot of fun years ago with all the dressing up, relicing guitars, odd pedals like the Miku. But it's still good to watch.

I like the JHS one the best. Rhett I don't really like that much, and 60 cycle hum I find is just about what he has been paid to show.

Whose the guy who shows strange instruments and does banjo versions of metal tunes ?


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For whatever reason, Mick annoys the heck out of me, and has the most uninspired, generic playing. I watch every now and then if it’s a subject or pedal I’m particularly interested in, but at this point they mostly seem to spinning their wheels when it comes to content. Criticism aside, the show is a net positive for me.
I like the show. I doubt there’s much of an issue w the show. There’s just only so many pedals and types of gear out there.. for most people like myself once you’ve got familiar and knowledgeable of most of the types of pedals and gear out there after a few months or years whatever does it for you it’s not going to be interesting anymore .. you already know what a tube screamer and klon is and prob already own most of gear that you’d want.

I’d say it’s weird that they find it interesting enough to keep making the show but actually I could see the main reason they keep doing it is not out of their own interest but just because it beats having a real job.


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I think its a good informative show and both guys can really play. If I have one gripe is that it runs a bit long.


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I kind of get it. They’ve covered a lot of ground over the years, and it is probably challenging finding new topics to fill. Of course, there are lots of new pedals all the time, so maybe that could be more of a focus vs method or use case, etc.

I love their guest spots, though. I’d be pretty happy with another Simon Neil episode. Buffy has been busy.

Overall I really enjoy their banter, so I like to catch it if I can.


If you follow a good amount of guitar channels you can easily spot that a new pedal is released because several of your channels will post a demo of it. Then it gets kind of old to see TPS covering it unless it's some sort of "let's test this against other similar pedals" shootout or figuring out a good usecase for a more esoteric pedal.

I think one of the better shows TPS did was their KoT-Gladio-Protein-Duelist comparison. Those were the "hype" pedals at the time so being able to hear them head to head was valuable. I could see people having one of them as their favorite but they had a lot of similarities too.

It inspired me to build a Browne Protein clone out of a PedalPCB kit. Turned out nicely but really highlighted for me how much it's a derivative product rather than something brand new. Just like most overdrive pedals on the market.

So I expect TPS are equally jaded about new pedals at this point unless they can do something different.


I loved That Pedal Show until the last 4-5 episodes; I've started to tire of the format and I'm finding the quietly snobbish attitude to the cheaper pedal brands they allow on the show a bit irritating.

What do you guys make of the show lately?
Way too much talking.....


They're super biased and I learn very little from then now. I like the looped side by side comparisons like The Pedal Bored does and some of the blindfolded challenges Anderson's does much better.
Those are better formats most of the time.


I only watch when they're covering a pedal that I'm interested in and I can't find it elsewhere. Way too long winded and they over complicate everything. The dramatic long pauses as they're pontificating on how to articulate their thoughts is tiresome. However, I do find them likable and there are some good nuggets if you're wiling to wait. For gear demo's I prefer Andertons and for technical knowledge, The JHS Show. Both of them are way more entertaining.


I have a love and hate relationship with the show. They made some really cool episodes in the past ( the one with Andy, the episode where they showcased the 30+ guitar they own etc) BUT, especially in the last few weeks, they hit a low point.
They have made videos for 6+ years and it's more than normal to run out of ideas.
I like Dan a bit more than Mick mostly because i feel like Mick is the one who puts chains around creativity and doesn't get out of the comfort zone.
I understand that he loves strats BUT, at least try something different from the usual early 60s strats.
For example, it would be cool to have an episode where he shows the difference between a regular strat and one with the reverse headstock. Maybe get a Trussart or a Paoletti and show how some builders put their magic on this classic guitar design.
He seems to be a very single minded person (not in a derogatory way by any means) and this mentality, i think, it's a bit of a problem if you want to put out fresh content.

If they start to get out of the comfort zone of their usual Strat,Tele, 335, Two Rock, Deluxe Reverb, usual pedals for a few weeks/months, their show will return to be more interesting.

I remember when Mick played those Collings and the Supro and Dan played the Gretsch G6118 more frequently, those were cool shows because it was something different from the usual stuff you see on Youtube.

They are knowledgeable people and i've learned a few stuff from them but they need to get out of the comfort zone.
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I like the show, and have learned quite a bit from them. Like some previous posters though, I find Mick's playing pretty boring and perhaps more important think he has been getting increasingly snobby. Love Dan and his playing, though.

(If you ever read this Mick, sorry, no hard feelings, I'm sure you're a fab person)


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I feel like a lot of the "issues" complained about here are from a difference in cultural background.

These aren't Instagram and Tik Tok guitarists. They are seriously passionate guitar nerds, putting out a (mostly) unfiltered content for us to enjoy, or not. Not to mention, it is entirely and utterly free.

I'm not gonna say from an entertainment stand point it is perfect and home run material every time, but honest creators like Dan and Mick need to be supported in this space.


Met them in person years ago at an event at Riff City store in Minneapolis (remember Riff City?). Dan & Mick came off as sorta pricks. After that, their on camera personalities seem pretty fake to me.

Perhaps the show has run its course. Helpful if you are looking for a specific pedal/effect but people have more important things to worry about than splitting hairs about tone for 45 minutes. That all being said, I'm glad shows like that exist (even though I very rarely watch it anymore).
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Enjoy the show and Mick and Dan

Learned a lot

Never noticed any attitudes - they are English after all, lol

Craig S

When you spend a lot of time with high end stuff its only natural to get a little "cork sniffy" when it comes to the cheaper stuff. An EH Soul Food ain't bad but I get a lot more excited about a real Klon. You can get some perfectly acceptable sounds out of a Hot Rod Deluxe but it ain't no Matchless.


I watch them sometimes. Seem like nice guys just doing their thing. My girlfriend hates when I watch them lol

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