THD series 1 Plexi head and 2x10 combo box

Today I pick up the THD series 1 Plexi head and 2x10 combo box. Buying this amp from Ed I felt it was up to par. I had been wanting a non master Plexi type amp. So when this came up it was perfect. Hot plate and stack. Great roar and glass. Does that classic English thing. Really enjoying this one.
All knobs go to 12. 4 inputs, 2 volumes - bridged, bass, middle, treble, presence, effects loop - tube{ in/out switch, send level, return level (can be used as boost)}, mode switch - impedance 2/4 or 8/16 called mode because it can take any mismatch. 2 x EL34 and 4 x 12AX7. You can put just about any pre/power tubes in it. The head is black with silver front face. The 2 x 10 tweed combo cab has longhorn 30 watts each.
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I have always wondered about this amp. Plexi that can be dialed back a bit? And an effects loop! And you can use pretty much any tubes that fit?!? Seems like a no brainer. Congrats on the new amp.


I have only had it a day ... it seems there is more textures that the other non master English style amps I have played. That and the fact it is a good one. As we know the old stuff sound different from head to head. A lot of the old vintage Marshall's/etc were just not there for my ears. Well other were just great. If you get a chance I recommend checking it out. With no master the Hot Plate is a must for me to see the full range of this amp.

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