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The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?


Unemployed for nearly the entire year. Thanks pandemic.

But before we knew what would befall us, I did buy one gorgeous John Bolin Les Paul from a great guy on the Gear Page.

Haven't been able to lay hands on it yet since I can't get across the border, but I can't wait.


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Oh God I don't even want to know.

I started out the year getting my house ready to sell, so I packed all my stuff up and put in storage and had to clean my house every morning for showings (because of COVID we couldn't have open houses, only showings). We had over 60 in person showings before we finally sold. Thankfully all that is behind us now.

But early on, I was focused on "getting the most music from the least gear" which of course involved getting new gear. So I bought an HX Stomp and a Headrush Gigboard to have a super portable modeler setup with my PRS. I ended up keeping the Gigboard for a bit, then exchanged the Stomp for a Taylor GS Mini Mahogany acoustic.

Then my name came up on the Fractal FM3 wait list, so I bought that. I ended up selling the Gigboard, then sold my Axe FX 3. After a few months I was getting frustrated by the FM3 + FC6 setup and sold both and got a Line 6 Helix locally. From that sale I had enough money leftover to buy a Charvel DK24 HH super Strat guitar.

During lockdown, I started working from home, which meant listening to a lot of music. I fell down a headphones rabbit hole which involved me buying about 15 pairs of headphones (both wired and bluetooth wireless). I ended up returning/selling most of those and settled into a Sennheiser HD6xx wired and Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless setup. I also got a set of small monitor speakers (iLoud) which I don't love, and now I have two sets of monitors, so that's another thing I have to sell off and figure out how to replace.

I also traded a couple guitars. First I traded my Gibson LP Junior Tribute for a Marshall DSL40 tube amp, which was a mistake. I ended up disliking the amp due to the size and volume, so tried to trade it for an Epiphone Sheraton, but the amp started making awful noises, so I ended up selling it as is at a loss. I also traded my Tele Deluxe for a G&L ASAT, which I didn't love so traded that for another Tele, this time an American Special.

Then I got into a rabbit hole of pickups. I bought I think three sets of Strat pickups, about a dozen sets of humbuckers, a couple sets of Tele pickups, probably a lot more I'm forgetting. And some other parts to tweak my guitars.

To round it out, I sold a whole bunch of spare pickups to fund the purchase of ANOTHER Fractal FM3 which I picked up last weekend.

Long and winding (and expensive) road, but I'm pretty happy with my gear right now, which of course means I'll probably make a bunch of changes next year.

Just reading your post exhausted me. I love a good gear quest too, but man, you have stamina!


I don't even know... I've certainly bought a few things this year. Let's see...

  1. 70s Ibanez Artist
  2. 60s Silvertone Jupiter
  3. Gibson R7
  4. Fender Tahiti Coral NAMM Custom Shop Tele
  5. Fender John 5 Tele
  6. Fender Black Paisley Strat
  7. '74 Tele
  8. MJT Strat
  9. MJT Tele
  10. MJT Tele
  11. MusicMan Axis
  12. Gibson J-100
  13. 70s Guild S-100
  14. Fender American J-Bass
  15. Ovation Anniversary
  16. Ovation Glenn Campbell

As for pedals, amps, and other things...

  1. '68 Fender Dual Showman
  2. AC-30
  3. Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp
  4. MXR Delay System II
  5. Korg SDD3000 rack
  6. Boss CE-2 (x2)
  7. Custom MIDI volume controller
  8. Volcano MIDI volume controller
  9. Ernie Ball Volume pedal (x2)
  10. Radial Twin Classic (from the Daryl Steurmer auction, natch!)
  11. Analogman Sunface

...I think that's it. Actually not really that much stuff, I guess. I mean, I also bought lots of pickups and bits and bobs to put guitars together and modify other guitars I already had, etc.
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Wow too much.

Between covid and winding down on cycling I put a lot more time and money into guitars. I bought the following this year

- fender partscaster (USA)
- ESP Kh2
- PRS Santana
- Fractal FM3

Def done for a while, but I got a few really cool pieces for my collection


Not much
Bought a Kemper -- holy crap that thing is real close to my tube amps, I may be converted. Couldn't stand the sound of the other digital stuff I've tried over the decades.

Bought a Tele -- Never owned a Tele so rather than following my usual inclinations of buying expensive USA offerings, I purchased the Classic Vibe, my other guitars have not been played much since!

Bought a Spark in February. It's cool on the cheap.

That's about it. Oh, some pedals and they work remarkably well with the Kemper.

-not a kemper endorsement


Old dude with guitars
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Bought an Electra Omega '76
Built a thinline Partscaster
Bought a Fret-King Country Squire
Sold a Les Paul 60s Tribute
Bought a Logan Tele

Bought an Alesis Samplepad Pro, Mackie headphone amp and a ton of plugins for the studio. I had planned to upgrade from EZDrummer to Superior, but instead I bought a couple more kits for EZD.


Now that I list it all out, I bought way too much gear this year.

Gretsch Vintage Select '53 Duo Jet
Gretsch Vintage Select '59 Duo Jet
Fender American Pro Telecaster
Fender Light Ash American Pro Telecaster (now sold)
Fender Korina Offset Telecaster
Fender Thinline Super Deluxe Telecaster

Swart AST
Swart STR-Trem
Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb
Morgan PR5
Supro Comet

A few pedals and a couple speakers as well.


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1979 Fender Antigua Stratocaster with hardtail bridge and rosewood fretboard

1965 Fender Showman Head
1963 Fender Bandmaster Head
1967 Fender Dual Showman Head (shipped out today - set to arrive Friday)
Victora 1x12 cabinet with Jensen Blackbird 12" alnico speaker
Guitar Cabinets Direct 1x12 cabinet with Jupiter 12LA 12" alnico speaker

Surfybear Metal
Kingsley Harlot V1
Lovepedal Tremolo
MuTron Phase II clone
Subdecay Vagabond
MXR Carbon Copy Mini
Mesa/Boogie High Wire
J Rockett Archer Rockaway

Mackie ProFX6 Mixer/USB interface
Mackie MC-150 Headphones
Magneto SC90 Pickup
Jet City Jettenuator (Attenuator)

This list does not include items that I bought and then sold.
This year I have gotten more gear than I have in any other year of my life and more gear than I have obtained in most decades. I do however feel set up and that I have my sound and my gear dialed in. Working on recording a demo now and doing some socially distanced one on one masked rehearsals with my new band members for my new project. We will be so ready when things open up again. One of my singers even bought a PA system!


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I don’t normally buy a lot of gear, but after clearing out a lot of gear last year, I ended up with a of purchases this year (for me):
- Boss MD200
- Source Audio Nemesis
- Source Audio Reflex
- Zvex Fuzz Factory
- Suhr Reactive Load IR
- Chase Bliss Bliss Factory
- Fender Troublemaker Tele (my only true COVID impulse buy)

I’m hoping to take delivery on a custom build I ordered last year after clearing out a bunch of gear.

I probably won’t have another year like this in a long time.


I bought way too many pedals. :D And I had a lot of fun putting together a couple of partscasters.

Here's the first of the two, the Coronacaster Tele. Completed in August. Guitar Mill swamp ash body, Fender Vintage Lacquer Tele neck, Joe Barden bridge, Fender '52 American Tele pickups, Bourns pots, '50s Gibson-style wiring scheme. Completed weight is 6 lbs 6 oz. Arguably the best guitar I have put together.


Lt Dak

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Lots of boredom induced buying and selling. More selling than buying lately. Started with 12 guitars, currently have 7 including the ebmm morse.

On the truck:
03 Musicman Morse

Bought and kept:
PRS semi hollow special 22
Musicman silhouette

Bought and sold 5 guitars during the course of the year.

Sold or consigned 8 guitars, 3 amps, a cab, and 30+pedals that I had owned since before 2020.

Couple pickups
If I were given to new years resolutions, I'd resolve to answer similarly next year.
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This year I’ve bought:

MIJ Jazzmaster, it’s a beautiful indigo blue colour
Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe
Magnetic Effects Dual Drive
Keeley Mag Echo
Fredric Effects West Germany Tremolo
Keeley Super Phat Mod

My girlfriend is treating me to a Yamaha THR30 for Christmas, so will also have that in a couple of weeks.

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