The Alt.Country Club 33: Thirty Three and a Third


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There is no gas involved in a pellet smoker - they are amazing. Boutique smoker :p no PRS here. Being able to walk away from it for hours and not have to worry is so key for me.

Weber kettle for grilling always - chimney and hardwood lump charcoal I am ready to go in 20 minutes.
I was spouting in jest of course - just couldn't resist. Honestly, we have it good compared to our father's grills. It's like pedals, there is something out there for everybody.


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Those Eggs don't last like the Webers do. My neighbor's died after 3 years.
My little Weber Q320 is going strong 9 years in.
I text my upstairs neighbor when I'm about to fire it up.
Pre-heat for 10 minutes and usually cook for no more than 10 minutes so it's on and off in 20 for my neighbors.
You don't have to go all the way to the Genysis to get Weber quality.
My Egg has been going 4 years now and no sign of slowing down.

The beauty of an Egg over something like the Webber is, temperature control. It is SO much easier to get an Egg to your temperature of choice and hold it there for as long as you need it, whether it's an hour or 24.

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