The Alt.Country Club 33: Thirty Three and a Third


To steer this back in the right direction - I have now spent some significant time with the creston offset. It’s a winner. I know I’m still in the honeymoon and all that but I feel very comfortable on it. The guitar is really alive. It’s the first electric for me that feels that way. My son has been wanting to play drums lately so I have been playing more electric which I’m sure has something to do with it. Hopefully I can knock up a little demo and some better pics at some point soon for the boat. But I can safely say that it is a keeper and also that I really like the offset style overall. I can play it more like my acoustics which is a great thing for me. Happy camper :D


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Going through a major renovation is a bit like raising a baby. Your mind tends to set aside all the hardship after it’s over.

Our kitchen is exactly in the center of our main level which made it really disruptive. Plus we replaced every bit of flooring on that level at the same time.

We had a temp kitchen in the basement (microwave and hot plate) and all the furniture was out in the garage for months.

It was truly terrible and I had forgotten all about it. :)
Ugh that guy that wanted me to join his cover band had that on the setlist. Complete deal breaker.
That’s a missed opportunity, Bucko.

I usually play it twice a set. I open the show with it, strummed on a takamine, like god intended.

If the crowd has been good and deserving, I close the show with it too. I pull out my trusty PRS and bring down the house. Think Seeger from the late 70s style.

Who said shower beer? Anyway TBT IG post for you...

There goes my hero!


Since you’ve gotten a turntable, I highly recommend the recent reissues of Superunknown and Down on the Upside. They both sound awesome!
For sure. Going through and listening to a bunch of stuff I’ve picked up over the past year or so that I haven’t had a chance to spin yet. It’s nice to be back in the game. Fussing with my older turntables was such a pain. This one sounds great.

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