The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread PART 2 ! !


Wow......Bob's board layout is awesome/intelligent.
I dig the way he ran his heaters.....again, a very intelligent/creative approach to that nightmare.
It will be a pleasure to perform maintenance (in 30 years) on that chassis.
Thanks for posting.......just beautiful.


I find it amazing that an amp as awesome as the DR103 is comprised of so little!
Less is more, bro... less is more. For real! Guitar -> amp, done. (Suits me, anyway... not saying it's for everyone... cause I know it ain't...)

And... within the amp? Input -> output with as little amount of foo-far-all, to me, is the best kinda circuit. Love the Emery Superbaby... straight through capability... I like the big iron better though, so that's what I'm rolling with these days... but hope to revisit a SB in the not-too-distant future...


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Proof that Mr. Bogner is a mad genius! This little Bogner Prototype that looks messy, but sounds amazing:

How about a Blankenship Leeds 21? Of all the low wattage amps i have owned, I miss this one the most...

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Ceriatone 2204... before adding back the bright cap which Nik deletes from the original circuit. :D



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The JMP with the Orange Drop cap is a Friedman KS JMP now, i'm not at liberty to produce those gutshots as per Daves request.

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After mods.:love::love::love::love: