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The Amp you Kept?

In 1979, against all advise, I bought a beat up 1965 fender proreverb,. Put new tolex on it, and it has been in my sight ever since. I would like to buy another for the same price of 300 bucks. I'm sure they're out there. Any offers?

No, but, ironically, you can probably get a 1979 Pro Reverb for not much more than $300.

I guess advice back in 1979 was as bad as the amplifiers.


Like some of the other people posting, I have multiple amps, but if I had to get rid of all of them except one, this is the one I'd keep. Marshall 1974X with factory Salt and Pepper grill (instead of Bluesbreaker grill) and matching extension cab! My "Holy Grail" of tone!



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Both amps I've used and loved the longest are Marshalls. My JCM900 half-stack I used for ten years, all through the nineties, and my current 100W Marshall Vintage Modern half-stack.

I've also owned a JCM800 2204, 1959 SLP, Fender '57 Twin RI, Dr Z Remedy, Carvin XB-100, and an Orange Rocker 30, among others.

But the above two Marshalls have been used the longest. I am still in total love with my Vintage Modern (VM 2466), it ended the search, for me.


exquirentibus veritatem
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My 2007' Carol Ann OD2-100

I got it in late 2008'. Still my favorite amp overall...


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I have no business commenting on this thread. I only own one amp and it ships out on a trade on Tuesday. The worst part is that I've only had it for two weeks and really like it! Yes I have a problem... My problem is that there are too many awesome amps out there to try and I can only afford to have one at a time!!!!

Stu Blue

I bought my '65 JTM45 in 1971. At the time I often prefered JMP SL 100s and other amps, but eventually, over the course of many, many years, it has educated my ear to appreciate clarity along with crunch and excitement... still my main bar band amp, still gets complements from bar owners.

Guinness Lad

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The amp I will be keeping other than a Aiken Tomcat is the Soldano SLO100. What a spectacular piece of equipment!


Legend Rock & Roll 50 2x12. bought it in the late 80s had it ever since. in moth balls right now as it needs some work. when I have the spare cash I want to get it going though.


Fargen el34 Bordeaux. It's been my main amp since Ben built it for me in 2006. Lots of amps have come and gone since then.


Divided by 13 JRT 9/15
Tonally satisfying and absolutely reliable, year in - year out, for almost ten years now.


1980 Fender 75 (1 x 15)...well, sort-of. I bought it new after ordering my'79 Strat. Played in a band for a couple years, then backed-out and started my 15 hiatus from playing. At about year 12, in decided to sell it to a friend I've known since grade school who was a budding harp.player looking for an amp. At year 15, he convinced me to jam with him, plus his two younger brothers. So, I show up with a brand new (literally, just out of the box) H&K TriAmp head and 4x12 cabinet...I mean, who wouldn't have done the same thing in that situation! LOL. I was so incredibly embarrassed to be playing again, all I did was futz with the amp's array of knobs the entire time, with my back to everyone. Ugh!

This meager "jam" evolved into another band which had a solid 10 yearear run, until he decided to retire as frontman (thus, retiring the band with him). He gave me the Fender 75 back. It's been another 7-8 years since we retired...and since getting the amp back.

Next-up, is the '73 Super Reverb I got to replace the TriAmp, after the second year in the band and a Victoria 50212 shortly after that (using BOTH). Still have them all.

Now, I'm in search of a '68 Princeton, which was my very first amp I foolishly sold after I stopped playing the first time in high school.


Bob Pollock

Altes Holz
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My '81 Deluxe Reverb, purchased in the late 80's. Looking to ship it off for a total overhaul soon, as it's become unreliable. May go with Clark or Allen. Doubt I'll sell it 'til I'm all done.


High Prairie Wrangler
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For me it is these:
Divided by 13 SJT 10/20 - I bought it new around 2005. I have a single 12" and a 2 x 12" cab as well. It just is so versatile and sounds so good, I can't part with it.

Vox AC15 - single 12" version (circa 1963). It is not great cosmetically, but records beautifully and has a unique sound.

My current amp is a Tomo Fujita Two Rock and I sincerely doubt I will ever sell it. I guess I've had it about a year. I try out amps now and again, or get them with something in mind and then sell them when that project ends, but an amp I'm going to perform with, that's another matter. I rarely change once I find what I like.


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66 Super Reverb. One of the best I or anyone who is in the know that i've let play it has ever heard.

It sits in my bedroom annoying my wife while other amps get played out because I am too anxious to subject it to the rigors of live shows. It's not even my most "expensive" amp, just the one I covet the most.

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