The Anderson Cobra has landed...

... and oh boy, what a guitar.

I will shoot a couple of videos tonight, but I wanted to quickly take the time to update this.

For those of you who don't remember, these are the specs:

Mahogany body.
Quilt maple top.
Mahogany neck.
Rosewood fretboard.
3 P90s (made by Harmonic Design) and a 5-way switch.
The tone knob is a push/pull. It adds the bridge pickup to whatever selection is on.
Buzz Feiten tuning system.
stainless steel frets.

These guitars are not cheap, but the craftsmanship is staggering. The natural binding is perfect. The grain of the wood used is gorgeous. The finish is stunning in both looks and feel.
The pickups are a thing of beauty. There is not one position that is not expressive and delightful. In position 4, the neck and mid pickups are selected. Pull the tone pot, and it adds the bridge pickup. All the relevant positions where the bridge pickup can be added greatly benefit from it. Not that the tones are not sweet without it, but the tones created by adding the neck pickup are all usable and distinct enough that it's worth doing so :)

The neck is a lot thinner than what I normally use, but I have to admit that the shape of it is such that it is extremely comfortable. It has a sort of a V feel to it that allows the hand and the wrist to remain in an easy and relaxed position either when chording away, or going up and down the neck.

Although it is Tele-shaped, it clearly does not sound like a traditional Tele would - nor would you expect it to. Between the woods chosen and the pickups, there would be no reason for it to sound like a Tele.

This said, I played with it for about one hour, and these are the things that surprised me about it:

1. It is possible to get a fair amount of twang from the bridge pickup - more than I expected. Again, not true Tele twang, but awful close.
2. While I always associate P90 tones with classic rock and distorted tones, the clean tones on this thing are to die for...
3. ... although the distorted tones are quite fine, too, thank you very much.
4. The neck pickup, when distorted, can get a tad muddy. Adding the neck pickup takes care of that issue quite nicely.

I don't foresee this guitar becoming my #1 - My Crook Tele fills that role perfectly, as the tones it delivers are pretty much what I want, to a T. But this guitar is certainly going to be a very solid option 1b to say the least.

This is my first Anderson, and from the first hour spent playing with it, I can say this: it won't be my last, and it's going to be with me for a long time.

Pics, clips and videos will be made and posted later on tonight and throughout the week end.

Sean French

Silver Supporting Member
Cool and congrats.
I've owned a few and TAG's are great guitars.
I had a Cobra Special with duel P90's that was a killer guitar.
Lookin' forward to see and here your new toy.
Thanks man. I liked the Special as well, but I seem to believe that three P90s is better than two for some silly reason, so I waited until I found one. :D


Yes, awesome guitar! I've got a second Cobra being built right now. Dual buckers though with an oversized '62 roundback neck...I like 'em thick. The Cobra is my favorite TA guitar, love 'em!

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