The beauty & simplicity of slapback delay


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I've been playing guitar for 17 years and have always been a heavy delay user. (I think it was my growing up on U2 & Radiohead.) Yet I only recently discovered the beauty & simplicity of slapback delay. It really beefens up rhythm parts and adds some space, without overtaking anything. Previous to this, I had always used a heavier delay mix, which required tap tempo for nearly every song.

Discovering this led me to sell my Strymon Timeline and instead I now run a Mad Professor DBD (slapback) and Diamond Memory Lane Jr. (rhythmic delays) combo. Much simpler than I had before and more freeing.

How did I not discover slapback years ago?


It's the subtle-ty of it...that 'don't-miss-it-til-it's-not-there' factor that kept it hidden for so long

I love full-on, healthy delays...80's cheese chorus effects and random non-practical sounds, but the "best" use of effects, IMO, are those that you don't know are there...til they're not


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I prefer slapback to reverb to keep things from getting muddy in the band mix. I used long delays (in time) for years too before I "discovered" slap back really works for my style in my late 20s.

It took my ear a little while to get used to the slapback, especially when playing alone, but it sounds killer in the mix.

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