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The best end-of-chain tone-sweetener?


Silver Supporting Member
I have a deco, and I find it compresses things too much. How would you recommend I set it? I would love to find a place for it in my chain. Typically I just play it when I want the tape effects. I know it has way more utility than that. I just haven't found a place for it in my signal chain.
I like to have the Saturation side set around 1:00-2:00 and the volume right at unity and guitar volume knob around 7, then i can add a little bit if "fur" by turning up guitar volume. Yes, it does compress but i tend to like the way it does. And i find it does a good job of marrying whatever effects i have before it too. You could also try it earlier in the chain to see if that works better for you. I used to have it try after my Fuzz (Q-tron >> Fuzz >> Deco >> everything else) and really liked what it did for me there too.


I tried the SDD 3000 preamp route and while there was some chime to it, it was overly subtle through the bright amps I was running. The FA-1 Preamp though worked well for me and is such a sweet sound!


I run a Cornish LD1 in the front and Chase SPA at the end...heaven

I also have a CAE Boost/Line Driver, post dirt, in the middle, before modulation/amp sims/echo etc

Uno dos tres on the big board


Back in the day when I had a big ol’ pedalboard, I had a ZVEX SHO that was always on, set at or just above unity gain. It added a little bit of fullness and sparkle to the sound. One of my fav pedals of all time.
I hear tell Robert Fripp has (and uses) his SHO every stinking nork....er, night.


This works really well for me.. the 3 way switch is awesome to tune it to your amp/ears
I use this as well, one of the few pieces of gear that actually exceeded the hype IMHO. I bought the MXR version first and was pretty underwhelmed, it's OK but nothing amazing. Then I got this pedal and it was a night and day difference between this and the MXR, it really makes a significant difference, I have mine on all the time, absolutely love it.


It is a subtle effect at unity gain but you will miss it once it is off. You can also have a look at the ClinchFX. Imho both are better than the EP Booster. The EP Booster is Xotics own take on the EP3 preamp and it colours the tone more than the Secret pre. The Secret Pre is the real thing! Mine is under my board too. But you have to be happy with your amps sound and it‘s not a lead boost.

What‘s good enough for Page is good enough for us.
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