The BEST sounding Fender amp?

Best sounding Fender Amp

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The Pup

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I have owned 26 vintage Fender amps over the years. I currently spend most of my time with a '64 Super Reverb (with an X-pattern AlNiCo/Ceramic mix).

If I had to pick one Fender, I think it would be a Tweed Tremolux 5G9 (big box).

Disclaimer: I have not actually "tried them all" and I am surprised someone would make such a claim.


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tough call between the tweed bassman and the super.... all things being equal the super is a friendlier amp



go to 8 mins 10 seconds, and the amp is flubbing out on the low end even though he has turned it DOWN.and note thaf its got a greenback spkr.
nice sweet highs but I could not live with low end like that. shane used a maxon to tighten the bass and it helped a lot.
At 4:06 the fart become unusable .


Are u a rep?

Ha! No. Just a very satisfied customer. They were quite a bit better than I thought they would be. You should try one if you haven't already. They're just a great sounding amp whether they sound exactly like an original blackface or not. They break up nicely and take pedals very well. The Deluxe Reverb version weighs just 24 lbs. and the power attenuator works really well. They have cab and mic simulation. What's not to like?

I was expecting them to sound like just another cold, sterile, SS amp. But when I tried one out I was very pleasantly surprised. I was prepared to purchase another boutique tube amp. They had one also based on the original blackface Deluxe Reverb. A really good sounding amp. I expected to buy it. I A/B'ed the two amps and I liked the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb just as well. Although the tube amp cost another $1500 more than the TMDR I was prepared to pay the difference. Turns out I didn't need to. I'd found my amp. It also had more headroom than I thought it would have. That was important to me as I play jazz and use an archtop for that. I also have a Tele that I use for West Coast style/jump blues and traditional blues. The TMDR is a perfect choice for that. It may not be for everyone but it's a very versatile amp. IMHO, anything the original blackface version can do the TMDR can do just as well.....and sound as good doing it. My 2 cents.


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Every time I go to sell my ‘93 Blues Deville I plug my DGT into it and decide to keep it. It’s too big, too loud, too...

...I don’t care. I’m keeping it.



Like Most I’ve had a bunch of Fender Amps. Around here. Pre Internet. Silver Panels where very affordable. All of the SP’s I personally owned were the older circuits.

My first amp is a early 1964 pre Logo VibroChamp. I still own it and they are very nice little amps. But not really enough to keep up with a drummer.

So for my first “Band” I snagged a really clean 135 watt UL Twin. It was Cheap. Too Big. Too LOUD. Impossible to overdrive. But it Would keep up with a Drummer. On 3. It’s probably the most reviled of ALL the Fender Amps. But they really do clean like no other amp I’ve owned since. It may have been just my amp but that long tank reverb was simply the best Fender Reverb I’ve ever heard. Add just a touch of slow amp vibrato and a chorus and it has this depth I’ve simply never heard in anything other than a Ultra Linear Twin. It’s almost tempting to find another. But it would never leave the house. I’ll happily load out a half stack. Carry another Twin down three flights of stairs? Nope! Not happening. But the Twin trumps my personal favorite all around Fender for clean. And that amp is also known for clean.

And that’s the BF Super Reverb. Still to loud for most gigs these days. But pre PA mic’ed amp days just about perfect. Loud enough to be heard over a drummer. Not so loud you can’t find the sweet spot. Loves pedals. But push it hard enough and your going to understand why the tweed Bassman contingent grins so much. It’s not as gnarly but the DNA is there along with the tube rectifier that’s so important to the whole cranked Fender dynamic. But there’s enough paper in four cones that even driven they stay tight. Push it with a boost or dirt box and you get smooth singing overdrive. There’s enough speaker(s) in the amp to retain the growl and harmonics.

Tweed is its own thing and I get it. I’d not mind a Tweed someday. Probably the 5E3 since it’s the right size.

My fave is the Super Reverb since its basically what I think of when I think of the classic cranked Fender BF tone. And it’s easy to get. The amp is almost fool proof as far as sounding great.

The Twins Gone (But I know where it’s at - in need of repair after years of abuse from the guy I sold it too) The VibroChamp actually managed to land on Reverbs most popular amp list last year. Not bad for something that’s 30-40 years old. As I recall everything else on the list was new or modern reissues. The VibroChamp was the only used amp on the list.

The Super Reverb stays.


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Deluxe Reverb..Blackface or Silverface..doesn't matter


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 1964 Super Reverb. When you play a venue where you can open it up a little it is stupendous. For the reality of gigging with today's namby pamby club volumes, my 1965 Deluxe Reverb is the perfect amp. Killer. The Super probably sounds a little better to my ear, but the Deluxe is better at today's gig volumes, so I vote Deluxe.

In my experience. I've found every word of this to be true.


I know the "best" is subjective. To all the Fender connoisseurs. Which amp do you think is Fender's best amp? Please pick only ONE amp. Doesn't matter combo or head. And why? :)

Poll now added. Sorry I can only do 10 for the poll. Vote away :)
1954 Fender Super amp best Fender amp ever in my book

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