The BEST sounding Fender amp?

Best sounding Fender Amp

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Nice, I use a Zendrive and Jetter 45/100 Gold for dirt. From what you're saying both of those should work just fine.

Yeah, the Zendrive and Euphoria are similar pedals. I really like the tone of the Jetter used in the Louis Electric videos.
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I only know what I've played. My first amp at 12 years old was a '72 SF Twin. Which I played tons of gigs with for many years. Then there was my Super Reverb phase. I had 3 of them at one point. I loved the Twin when I was playing it and I loved the Supers when I was playing those.
Now since I don't need the volume, I play a Lil Dawg Wonderdawg. A blackface style amp with a Super Reverb tone stack. It satisfies my need for Fender tone. I'd love to try out the new Custom series with the different tone stacks.

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For me its a:
'54 Fender Tweed Deluxe
'65 Fender Deluxe Reverb (Alessandro Mod)
'65 Fender BlackFace Bassman (Blankenship Mod)
'66 Fender UltraPhonix Bassman (Sebago Mod)


Pro Junior IV. Fawn color of course (I prefer the warmer P10Q in the fawn vs. the P10R in the tweed). Light, simple, looks cool, great clean or cranked, loud enough for the smaller venue I play(ed), fairly-priced.


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I love my PRRI but the best I have heard was my old silverface TR. The cleans in that thing made it sound like you were playing in that French cave with the earliest cave drawings untouched by time and that’s even when the verb wasn’t kicking because the dang tubes would fall out randomly. She was rode hard and put up wet and I sold it and legit miss it. Only sold gear I miss.

A shop I go to has a real black face DR that sounds so sweet but it’s noisy as hell. There’s real mojo in the old ones but I’m a mama’s boy who prefers amps that don’t need frequent repair.
Dibs on “Mama’s Boy”
MacMeda and Mama’s Boy
Now I have to figure out how to sell it to the rest of the guys.

Still searching for the Fender for me

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