The Blues and Jimi Hendrix

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Someone once told me that you can't find the Blues, it finds you. I totally agree with that because when I play Bluesville on Sirius XM the songs they play don't really speak to me at all. Now enter me shuffling some Hendrix and I come across two tunes that totally speak to me and found me: Bleeding Heart & Red House. Now I want to explore more, but I need help honing in on what style of Blues that is? Does Hendrix have more tunes in line with those? Hear My Train a Comin' definitely falls in line...are there others? How about other artists I should check out?

Thanks for the tips!


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i'm currently reading the book: Jimi Hendrix setting the record straight, it's from the early 90s, and there was a part in there where they talked about hendrix had a real love for the blues, but he liked a lot of things, (pop included), but the blues came out of his live playing i think you'll find more of it on his live stuff.
Voodoo Chile on Electric Lady land is another one that is great, but i don't think he played it live.
before that it was Catfish blues, was played live early in Experience history.
there is the whole album of "Blues" that came out a long while ago, mostly had his blues stuff.
Rock Me Baby was sped up blues.
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personally i think the whole Band of gypsies album is great blues playing!!!!

off the top of my head....


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There's the obvious SRV whose work is very derivative of Hendrix. There's Johnny Winter and some eras of Eric Clapton that fall in line with that too. For a more contemporary player, there's Gary Clark Jr.



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The deeper you dig, the more you'll love the Blues!
Many of the newer blues artists on Sirius are just not happening for me. I've been into early jump, rhythm and blues, Charlie Christian years, etc. Yes, there are lots of great older recordings out there.

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As previously stated, the "Blues" album by Jimi is a great collection.

"The Progressive Blues Experiment" by Johnny Winter is another album I never get tired of listening to.

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