The Champ and the Dirt


For those of you playing champs, what type of dirt do you use? Lets say a range between a little bite to chunkiness with nothing in metal territory (with the caveat of fuzz). All the suggestions. Would you be so kind to recommend a fuzz as well? What really has worked with you and why? Im leaving it vague for a reason. Please explain why it works for you and which sound your getting.

Im talking about a new champ. And while we are on the subject, what speaker/tube combos do you recommend for as clean as possible.

Oh, one last thing... is it worth it?


I have a '65 VibroChamp. It stays really clean up until 8 or so on the volume. I've tried a bunch of different pedals with it and the ones that still sound best to me are TS types and treble boosters. Anything with too much low end just makes the thing fall apart.

I like to use 5751s in v1 - less splatty in the high end and a little more headroom and body to the tone.


I've used a Z.Vex Box Of Rock to get some cool drive tones through my Champion 600 reissue. The Catalanbread, Silver Kiss also can do wonders for a little class-A amp, adding some nice cut and sustain.


I'm using a '83 TS-9 and a OCD v3 (or 4, who knows) into a '76 Champ and am as happy I can be with this combo.


I have a stock '77 Champ and I use an HBE Uno Mos booster to push the amp into overdrive. It works really well with my Telecaster and especially with my Les Paul Studio. For a little more grit, I'll use the Subdecay Liquid Sunshine. When I'm in the rehearsal space and can crank the Champ up, the Les Paul really starts to drive the amp without a pedal at about 6 or 7. When I am practicing at home, I find the Champ on its own can still be pretty loud and powerful--and since our landlady lives upstairs, even a cranked Champ can be too loud!
With the HBE and the Subdecay, I can get what to me sounds like the natural break-up of the Champ but at a more manageable level. An overdriven Champ always sounds like Ron Wood's Faces tone, which I love!
With my Melody Maker into the Champ I love the sound of a stock Boss Blues Driver for overdrive.
The only fuzz I've ever tried into the Champ is an HBE UFO, which sounded great since it has a very sensitive tone control and a nice range of sounds.


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I am using a MI audio Blues Boy Deluxe with my '66 Fender Champ. I chose it due to its versatility since I had to rob one from my other rig. I like the Maxon OD-808 with it too, but the Maxon is not as versatile.

I can get a nice variety of tones with the MI audio BBD, works great for the classic rock/alternative stuff I usually play....

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