The Creamery wide range humbuckers


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I searched prior threads and asked about the Baby 71s (WRHB in a standard HB enclosure) last week, and it didn't seem like anyone had experience with them. The clips certainly sound promising.


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I have a set in an Epiphone Sheraton and they sound great to my ears - the guitar was something of a rockabilly project but I wanted to try something different to the obvious Filtertron type pickup. I have a couple of friends who've tried them as well, one who has one of the full size Creamery wide ranges in a Tele Custom and really rates it compared to others he'd tried in the same guitar, and one who tried the Jazzmaster sized version - I think he wasn't too taken with them at first but gets on well with them now he's used to them. I also have some custom made Creamery pickups in a vintage Duo Sonic which I'm really happy with.

I can also say Jaime who makes them is a great guy to deal with.

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Have heard good things in general. I went with Catswhisker who modded my AVRI Fender 72 Custom WRHB..has a very usable coil split. I assume you're familiar with the other options? Telenator, Novak, Lollar etc..

I wish Fender would just release their "revoiced" WRHBs for sale..they came out in 2012 but they used the same part# as the previous version (genius) and the looks are identical..I went round and round with this. Called dealers etc. You can buy a Fender WRHB for cheap but no way to tell what you will get. Good luck.

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