"The Deep Field" - A tribute to a fallen friend


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Hey, gents.

This is an OLD one that I have been refreshing - it's almost there. Some strident tones in the mix need to be subdued (or, "Sub-dude", as it were) among other things, but the thing's really close.

This was written after a former colleague passed away suddenly while having dinner with his family. He was way too young and left behind a pregnant wife and devastated family. I hoped to capture some metaphors around death with some of the musical cues within this piece. There are various sounds that I made from scratch (heart monitor, etc) that I hoped would help highlight this theme.

You might also notice some elements of what we would commonly conceive as referring to "outer space". The idea was that this atmosphere would place the listener behind the eyes of a dying person, who is drifting off to his hereafter. The narration you hear is the voice of the mighty, Herb Lassen. Who's Herb, you dare ask??

Well, first of all, you should be ashamed of yourself. How DARE you! Herb was one of Pioneer 10's original design engineers. What an amazing cat he was, too. I ripped the speech from the NASA archives and cut/rearranged some of his dialog to suit this piece. I also distorted his voice to make it more impactful.

Hope you dig it and can hear past my mixing/mastering woes.


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