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The Double Bound Tele Thread


What is this beautiful thing?

What bridge? Saddles?

This is a modified Squier Classic Vibe Custom. The Bridge, Body, neck, and tuners are original, everything else has been customized.
  • All new internals
    • pots, caps, wires, 4-way switch, etc...
  • New switch plate and knobs
  • Cavalier Nashville Lion bridge pickup
  • Cavalier Lion King neck pickup
  • Custom hand-tooled leather pickguard from Crazy Heart Custom Leather
  • As seen (brass and aluminum compensated saddles).
However this isn't a recent pic because I added a G-Bender from Matney USA Custom Benders which forced me to take that middle compensated brass saddle and swap it out with a grooved (for Bigsbys) stainless steel compensated saddle so the string would stay put and the saddle would last longer without wear and tear (so it now has an aluminum, steel, and brass saddle).

I love it... it's my second favorite guitar out of my entire collection. Only behind my Suhr Custom T (which is just single-bound but still a looker):


I got my first CC almost 20 years ago when I needed a case for a mando that was a gift from a dear friend. Then they were made in Canada. I've used the sh..out of it, mando and case, and it's nearly mint condition and never once did I worry about the mandolin which means a great deal to me.

Time passes...about 3 years ago a friend built me a custom acoustic guitar. He doesn't do cases so I decided to go with another company..nice cases, not cheep, very heavy but I was okay with it.

A few months pass and I noticed the top on my guitar having dark spots...the dye from the interior of the case was bleeding into my finish. The guitar had to have the entire top refinished. The company was excellent through the situation, but I knew in my heart I was going a different direction.

Went back to CC and ordered an OM case. My builder friend built two more guitars for me, two more CC's..you kinda know the rest of the story.

I totally know they are not for everybody, not even close, but there are thousands of people who they are perfect for and I'm one of those. Somebody asked me sometime ago why I liked them so much. My reply is below - thanks for the interest, I know this was much more than you wanted!

'I like pretty much like everything about them. My instruments fit in them so snug that when the cases are new it requires a little effort to put them in - there is NO movement whatsoever. I like how the neck is supported & stable in these cases and there is no chance of the head stock hitting anything in the event of a 'major' blow. I like how the exterior is the most protective on the market. I like how it easily cleans and doesn't have torn fabric or wear marks that i can't remove. I like how the latches have an extra attempt to keep from breaking by having intentional protection to keep a direct blow away from them.

I like how the handle feels in my hand. I like the balance of the case as i carry it. I like that i can choose the color of the exterior and interior of my case. I like that i can be creative in what my case(s) look like - they become a part of me being allowed to be creative, or not. I like the smell of the inside, how people notice them, often more than the instruments they carry.

I like when people ask, "What kind of case is that?" and then getting to tell them. This never happened with my other cases, nor did i expect it to, so i'm still a bit surprised when i'm playing out and people comment on my case.

I like how each one was a fun season in my life, picking it out, waiting for it to be built, often getting pictures of the process, and then that day it arrived. I liked opening box, putting my guitar in it's new case. I like how the guitar and case look together. I like taking pictures of them..it makes me happy. I guess the more formal way of saying that is i enjoy the pride of being a Calton Case owner.

I like getting to know the people at Calton, being treated as a custom they care about. I like telling them how many comments i get on their work. I like supporting a business that cares and that builds what they build to be the best - nothing else. I like that in however many years i have left i'll always enjoying seeing these cases in my guitar room when i enter - taking them to gigs and the joy and fun they bring me.'


Silver Supporting Member
Warmoth wood, Harmonic Design pickups, Glendale bridge

Pics don’t show the double bindedness too well, but I swear, honest!

I have a project in mind to get a baritone neck for one of my two partscasters, so maybe this one will be a baritone before too long.
How's that Z90? I've been wanting to buy one forever, and almost did this week, but found a great deal on Bake Knuckle Manhattans....
that is the perfect guitar for me, right there


Gold Supporting Member
Now, that combination I would like to hear in " the flesh", what P90 do you have installed? Looks really cool too!
I think I have a Wolfetone in there right now. not sure if it is Mean or Meaner. It's just a killer tone machine. I think I have a CS broadcaster pup in the bridge.


It is a B-bender! Look up some vids if you’ve never heard of that. Cool imitation pedal steel sounds.
I'm familiar with a B-Bender but what I've seen is the body routed out on the back. Is this the same but the bender is at the bridge instead of the upper strap button?

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