Sold The Gigrig Power Supply


I purchased this last month and have not made the change on my board yet which means I can get by with my current power supply. This is brand new, unopened and unused. I am only interested in selling as a package at this time. I have some trade interests listed below and I should note I am in Canada if that is a concern for any of you shipping wise for trades.

Paid the equivalent of $400 US after shipping, taxes etc. Will sell as a whole for $350US shipped and regular paypal.

1Spot (A cheaper alternative to the GigRig Generator and Distributor)
Two Timelords (9V with enough mA for Strymon Pedals)
One Doubler (for 18V pedals)
One SupaNova (12V up to 1000 mA for Kingsley Jester/Jouster or other high draw 12V pedals)
One Reverse Polarity Cable (make a negative center a positive center)
One Isolator (Gives you four isolated connections)

So I opted out of buying the Generator power brick and Distributor (fancy daisy chain) for a $30 1Spot. The 1Spot can only handle up to 1500 mA I believe were the Generator can handle 5000 mA but the generator and distributor would have cost me another $160US.

Trade interests +/- cash where required

Kingsley Minstreal V2
Kingsley Harlot
Kingsley Page, Squire or Maiden
Analogman King of Tone (High Gain Red Side)
Strymon Big Sky or Empress Reverb

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