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The Great Bigsby Debate! (yes / no) ... and let's see your Bigsby Equipped Guitars!

Bigsby Vibrato?

  • Yes

    Votes: 147 66.8%
  • No

    Votes: 73 33.2%

  • Total voters


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Bigsby vibratos seem to be one of the more polarizing issues here on TGP (maybe everywhere!).

Just the other day a guy responded to another member's NGD thread with something akin to: Beautiful guitar but the Bigsby looks like someone bolted an electric drill or a blender to it. And also, I guess some players like an automatic detuning machine on their guitar. Hah! I had to laugh ... but seriously some people hate the things while other players really like them.

I'm in the camp of those who like Bigsbys. I think they look really cool on the right guitar plus I enjoy adding a little shimmer here and there. It's also possible a Bigsby produces a slightly different sound. Maybe a bit heavier than a traditional stop tailpiece?

I know some of the criticism has to do with staying in tune. I've now had several guitars with Bigsbys and only had one that gave me any trouble. It took me awhile to figure what was going on with that one but I eventually did and it was remedied by a lesser known fact than the usual: nut work, lubrication, user error, etc. (maybe I'll write another thread about it later on).

There are little tricks to finesse your guitars into behaving. A Bigsby does add another element to this puzzle but overall I don't find any more difficult than the other pieces that complete the picture. It's certainly worth the effort if you dig the look, the wiggle, and the sound of a Bigsby vibrato.

I'd love to hear your opinions. And also to see your Bigsby equipped guitars, if you have them!

Here are my current Bigsby guitars:







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