The Great Bigsby Debate! (yes / no) ... and let's see your Bigsby Equipped Guitars!

Bigsby Vibrato?

  • Yes

    Votes: 163 68.8%
  • No

    Votes: 74 31.2%

  • Total voters


Yes! 2016 Gibson SG Standard with
Vibramate V7 mounting plate,
Bigsby B-7 (w/ flipped/ polished hinge plate to fit SG),
Star Rivets to fill mounting holes,
Towner strap-button Hinge Plate Adapter and
Schaller STM Roller Bridge.




What year is that beauty?? I’ve been jonesing for an ES-5 for years!!!!!
1953. Other than the Bigsby and the bridge, it's all original including the case.

I have been seriously thinking of gifting it to my niece-in-law. She's a 15 year old burgeoning jazz guitarist. I've already given her all my guitar books and transcription books. A small exaggeration...50 years of books. When I was learning I had crap guitars and always thought the reason it was so hard was because the pros had these magic guitars that were so easy to play. She deserves a "lifetime" guitar because she's quite serious about it. And I rarely play it any more. It shouldn't sit idle.


Never had one since I love a good Floyd Rose but there is no doubt the nostalgic look is very cool. I bet they must be set up right. Like a Floyd if you can’t work on it yourself you probably should not have one.


Please more info on that. A 54 reissue is one of my dream guitars. A bigsby equipped 54 reissue - oh boy!!
I got a 70s custom that I fear if I put a bigsby on it would make it weigh about 20lbs.

It's a great guitar. They are certainly more rare than the usual R9 etc, as far as I can tell. I don't think I'd be going out on a limb saying it's probably my favourite of all my guitars - though I don't play it all that much because yes, it is heavy.

I got it about fifteen years ago for an absolute steal. I'd just bought one of those Les Paul Deluxe reissues that happened around 2006 or so - they were about $1700 CDN new at the time (how things have changed!). A buddy of mine who worked at the local music shop called me at work and told me to go home, get the Deluxe, and get in there right away. So... I did. I showed up, and this R4 had just come in as a trade in. My buddy did the deal, and I traded that new Deluxe straight across for the R4. So... Talk about a criminal deal :D

These Customs have an incredible sound. The single coils give it a bit of snap - I would say it sounds like nothing so much as the biggest, baddest Tele you've ever heard. I hope you find one some day! :D

Back at it

I just love the look and the shimmer, had always thought about putting a bigsby on my other guitars but ended up first getting a epi wildcat and then replacing that with a dream es-330 now I’m all good

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