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The Greatest Power Trios


Cream is the answer. JHE was 2/3 there. Noel was not a bassist by background and he really just did an adequate job but didn’t fit the mold the same way as Jack Bruce did in Cream. Mitch was killer but almost more lyrical than powerful. He was a beautiful drummer.

SRV & DT was a balls-out wall of sound, but Stevie was the primary reason. The Police were amazing and I think would qualify. Rush, yes. Mayer Trio? He had two all-time-great backing musicians, but personally I see no power in his playing, just lots of bobble-heading and facial gyrations. Doesn’t make the cut for me or anywhere even close.


That was such a good comment that you posted it twice! Did you know that!?! :) [even though the OP has stated that this thread concerns the greatest 'power trios' of the 60`s decade only]
Yeah, that happens. I live in the united states, and as such like many people here haven't very good internet access available. So posting sometimes takes a while and doesn't exactly go the way intended. I'll go back and try to delete one of them.

Technically, Grand Funk Railroad formed in 1969 and On Time was released then, and they had a huge following being as early on they were a big word of mouth live band before radio payed them much attention. So, depending on which way you split they hair, they are a 60s band.
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