The guitar I lost for 11 years….


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So this is really ****ed up…..I bought this guitar when I was 16 turning 17 (2004) from a summer job I saved up all summer and found this beauty on eBay for 1800 America. I was so proud of my self to have the self will to save everything to get amazing guitar. It always had a huge sentimental value to me. It was my main guitar for roughly 6 years and then a roommate of mine stole my lap top and I thought this guitar I looked and looked never finding it at the pawn shops. Turns out I left it at a my drummer of the times moms house (we used to jam there it was out in the country so we could be extra loud!) We got wasted as **** I believe I left it, forgot and roughly 2 days later my roommate pulled that ****. (K in hindsight I was smoking a ****ing extreme amount of weed too) Now my drummers mom had mistaken the guitar case for one of hers and threw it under the spare bedroom forgot and left it there never to be found again….until last weekend when my old drummers brother was helping move some stuff…..I have my beautiful custom shop soloist back guys…I’m completely blown away!


That's pretty cool.
I had a marshall 'stolen' from my bass players vehicle and I kept help but think about it


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wish I've gotten that high, would love to find a guitar I used to have like that. Although the thieving roommate part would have made me jump to the same conclusion.


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Ohhh my gawddd

I’m betting I know how you feel but there are no words to along with it.

I’ve held on to grudges for years but never have had it come back that I was completely in the wrong for my part.

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