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The guitar you want to love but just can't


I love the look of SG’s. My very first electric as a teenager was a 1964 SG with a single P90. I’ve owned 3. My frustrations were tuning stability and as I got older, darn that next felt like it was 12 miles away from my body. All are gone.

My LP of 10 years is getting on my nerves. Could you please stay in tune for more than 3 minutes please! Bone nut, upgraded tuners…and still it taunts me. I’ve had it set up by a fantastic guy who has done work for Ted Nugent, so that not the issue.

Had 2 PRS, beautiful, amazing quality, just never tone wise or vibe felt quite right.

In came Schecter, Charvel, Ibanez, Jackson. Who knew, a 66 year old guy feels right at home with super strats!


Casinos. I try and I try. And I really want to. Just...nope. Also the fact that the higher frets are out of reach. I own one (again) now and I'm letting it go.


All of my heroes growing up played SGs but I'll be damned if I can make them work for me. I can't be the only one, so what is the guitar you've tried to love but just can't?
I bought one a couple months ago and returned it the next day. It sounded good and played well, but it sat in uncomfortable position for me (gave me hand cramps) when standing, and all the knobs bunched together so close to the cable jack made it a PITA to quickly adjust while playing as I like doing.

But for me the answer to your question is PRS, any PRS. They look gorgeous, they make sense, they sound good, but I can never make them sing. They always leave me so bored. It's weird to say but I think they are "too perfect".
The JJN Gold Glory. It is such a cool looking guitar and I have wanted to try a JR for a long time but the neck is SO fat it's kind of annoying and it also causes neck dive. I tried two of them and both had it.


SG's, don't know why. All my favorite hardcore/post-hardcore bands played them, but never found one that fit. Ended up using LP's and teles for those bands.

Non Reverse Firebirds, specifically the newer ones with the hot ceramic pickups. They look so good, play so well, but sound so bad.

Fender Jaguars and Mustangs. I almost always have one of them laying around, but always have a struggle with them. My current Marr Jag is pretty close to love though.


I like how some Explorers, V's, Les Pauls, and SGs look. Most times, Gibson's neck profiles or having to fight with the guitar when playing are the deal breaker when it comes to Gibson stuff. Unless it's an SG, as there's nothing about those I like other than the look. Last owned a Gibson around '95, haven't seriously thought of buying one since. Don't even think I've tried one out at a store in at least 5 years.

Like the look of a standard issue Jazzmaster, can't stand a lot of little things on them that add up to one big nope. If I got a Jazzmaster, it would be in body shape only, as I'd not want the standard pickups, bridge, rhythm circuit, or trem.

Fender short scales. Like how many of the models look, but after awhile I get tired of the short scale neck. I find regular scale necks work much better on both guitars and basses.

Tommy Biggs

Silver Supporting Member
Those Gretsch 5120s seem like they'd scratch my itch for a Double Annie with a bigsby, but I've played a few and those weren't the sound that I wanted.

Noel Holden

I started out on a brand-new '74 hardtail Strat. The moment I got my first non-Fender ('79 Dean E'lite) I never looked back.
One guitar I really, really wanted to like was a PRS Custom 24. Great guitar; couldn't bond with it at all. A few years later it occurred to me: 10" radius. I like flat fingerboards.

Calfee Jones

Silver Supporting Member
Strats, Teles and PRS. I've tried several of each and I just can't get along with the necks.

My first decent electric back in the day was a 57 Les Paul TV Special. It must have set my preference for a Gibson neck. On the acoustic side, I have had a Guild D25 since 1975 that I still haven't bonded with :dunno


Silver Supporting Member
Easy it's my new ESP LTD 1000 Xtone I bought it online without being able to play it. I love the sound of the p-90's and the ebony fretboard plays fantastic but it's basically a jazz or rhythm guitar as the Hump joins the neck at the 15th fret which makes bending notes at the 17th fret or higher a lesson in futility. I did however give it a name it's "The Whale". (btw it's for sale atm on the musical gear only site you know what one I mean :)
Oh no! I have an older Korean model and adore it. I didn't like gold hardware, 24.75" scale length, or slim-ish necks, but this one just works for me. Maybe strap it higher and have to apply less leverage with your hands? IDK....


Silver Supporting Member
Telecasters - they've got that annoying honky midrange that can't be dialed out. Too basic/plain for me.

Petrucci's guitars - they look amazing but the fretboard is just way too flat to play comfortably on. Same with the Mark Holcomb sigs. I'm not sure how these super flat fretboards enhance playability because to me it's bad design.

Satchel's guitars - way too chunky of a neck profile for a super Strat. Just no fun to play.

Gibson guitars - They're charging way too much for what they are and considering the history of bad QC there's no way in hell I'm paying 7 grand for a Les Paul. Would rather get an Epiphone.
Tell me more about this chunky Satchel neck. Is it properly fat? -I like big necks and shredder guitars with them are rare as rocking horse crap.

Chuck Chrome

Stratocasters. For a guitar that makes so much sense ergonomically they just don't ever feel comfortable to me, plus I'm always inadvertently turning the volume down. I wish I could get along with them better because they do have a unique sound and look just right. Plenty of people get along with them showing that it is me that is the problem, not the guitar.


Les Paul's, love the look, but they just don't do it for me alas. SG's however, apart from a little neck dive I love, I just need to find one that I like enough.

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