The Headrush PedalBoard Review (in wrong place)

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    Apr 3, 2011
    This will be an on-going evaluation of the Eleven Rack Headrush Pedalboard as I learn more and use it in different ways. I put it in the wrong thread - Doh!

    This thing is not cheap - I paid $750 used and it goes for $999.9999999 new - not cheap.

    Assessment after about ten hours of use.

    First - I have the Headrush plugged into the EVH 5150 III 100W Ivory (not the stealth model) with matching 4x12 cabinet. By itself this amp is just a solid tone machine

    Second - I have had and or still have the Line6 Pod, PODxt, Spider III 240W with cab, Spider V 240w 2x12 combo, Fender GT200, TC Electronic G Major and the TC Electronic Nova System among assorted stomp effects and all-in-one units.

    I love the TC Electronics G Major and Nova System in the EVH as well in the Effects loop (no 4 CM method necessary) the plan for the Headrush if needed.

    This this is not a toy - it is a solid metal, heavy serious piece of equipment.

    1. the Headrush for getting started is great, the tablet display with finger touch move and edit for effects is the best - just works.
    2. I like the way each effect has parameters that associate with the knobs on the right and they nicely adjustable and every effect is written in large letters between the color and the swtich
    3.I also like the hands free mode - you push down and hold the switch of the effect you want to adjust and different switches enable you to select and then use the expression pedal to adjust the parameter (mix, gain, volume, etc.) and then you just hit the button that say exit (impossible to miss it)
    4. I like the fact that you can assign any of the eight middle switches ((the first two are for going up or down through your patches (they call them rigs)) and the last two (are for tempo/tuner and looper) to any effect/amp - and then you can unassign or reassign by either moving them with your finger or going into the hardware assign menu
    5. I like the chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb, overdrive (tube screamer), octave, compressor, the fx loop assignment
    6. I love the Headrush in four cable mode.
    7. I learned how to set up scenes tonight that allows you to set up multiple effects in a groups within patches within groups for special scenes where they are already on - with certain parameters and then goto next one and do different effects or different params in the same rig (patch set up)
    8. I love the Tuner = the entire tablet display is dedicated to the tuner and you can see it clearly from about 50 feet!!
    9. I love the expression pedal - it is solid and smooth and very linear.

    I have not tried to use it in just effects loop yet - I haven't tried to change the input/output global settings but read the manual and it seems like it will be easy.

    I will spend serious time with the amp models AFTER I set the thing up for our band sets as it is with my EVH and maybe try the Fender GT200.

    Stay Tuned
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