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The Heisenberg - pre-order SALE! - new full-sized pedal from Henretta Engineering


While continuing to develop our line of small no-knob pedals, we will also be rolling out unique combinations of our circuits into standard sized pedals like this one. The Heisenberg plays on the Breaking Bad (popular TV show from several years ago) inspired Mr. White tweak boost and Pinkman dirty boost pedals in our no knob line. The Heisenberg puts these two circuits in parallel, letting you dial in a wide range of distortion sounds (drive, tone, volume controls) while also adding your dry signal in parallel for extra punch, attack, and clarity. You can use it as just a distortion, just a clean boost, or both in parallel.

Retail price will be $150, and we're offering these at a discounted pre-order price of $100 including USA shipping. The pre-order deal is still good for the next couple weeks, and then these will be available at full price through online retailers and shops. Get a good deal while you still can! Order via products page of website - http://henrettaengineering.com/Henretta_Engineering/Products.html

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