The "It's not a 412 but it is a big sounding 212" Thread


I have an early slimmer dimensioned 1936 cab. I don't hate it, but would like to have a 212 that sounds as big and full as a 212 gets.

So far the Orange 212 cab sounds the best to me. I am sure there are others out there, so what are they?


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I compared several 212 cabs over the years (Orange, Mesa, EVH, Marshall, Diezel, etc) because I was always looking for that fullness as well. I ended up with a Bogner 212CB which is commonly called the stacked cab. Mine came with G12-T75s but I changed them out for some english V30s and haven't looked back since. It isn't the same as the OS cab. This one dimensionally is the same as the lower half of a Bogner 412 cab. It is deep and full sounding. I love the size factor of it and how great it sounds.
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My Diezel 2x12 sounds great. It's the rearload version with V30s. I had a 1936 cab several years back, always sounded 'muddy' to me.


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I have a bogner 1x12 and it sounds epic.
I had an orange 2x12 and an avatar 2x12 contemp they were both great. Orange was v30s avatar was blue and gold. Dug that avatar a lot.
I had Mills, marshall, and orange 4x12 and they sounded... MASSIVE!!! There's something about a 4x12 that doesn't happen with...not a 4x12. They were SO big and so heavy - I'd buy one cheap for a gig or session then sell off.
The 1x12 sounds large enough to a mic that I'm not unhappy at all.


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I've got an '80s Marshall 1966A with V30s that does a great job of sounding like a 4x12.

I've also got an '80s Mesa Boogie Halfback vertical 2x12 (V30s in it too) that once does, but only once I put a panel on the back of the top speaker. It's not quite as convincing as the Marshall, but it will do it.


I have a Germino 4x12 with the EC Collins grillcloth which has become the standard by which I judge all other cabs. The 2x12 I own which comes closest to the girth and balance of that beast is the Jenkins Highway 61 with an open-back top slot. Next is the Germino BB 2x12, then Port City 2x12 standard. I also have an EarCandy Buzzbomb 2x12 which sounds horrible that I wouldn't even mention in the same breath as the others but I wanted to be complete.

That all said, everyone raves about the Stone Age 2x12C as being closest to a 4x12. If I hadn't blown out my lower back last June, I would own one. These days, I'm forced to use a light 1x12 most of the time.
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StoneAge 2x12C - Sounds as good and as huge the Peavy 4x12 it replaced.



A Mather Built 2 x 12 that is a copy of the Metroplex, and have Mather put the EC Collins cloth on it. Load it up with 2 Celestion Creams.

Have Mather make it with a 3 piece back so you can also run it 1/3 or 2/3 Semi Open.

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