The John Coltrane Quartet - Impressions, Live


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I think this place could use a little more Coltrane. A lot more actually, but I understand this is not for everybody.

I posted this in the bass forums because of the transcendental bass solo. Jimmy Garrison was freaking brilliant! He is so good on this one that I can half ignore the rattling thing in the recording! One small reason to be glad I play electric, it is so much easier for the audience to hear in many live settings

This is the classic John Coltrane Quartet with Coltrane playing tenor sax, Mr. Jimmy Garrison on bass, McCoy Tyner on piano, and either Godzilla or Elvin Jones on drums.

Not such a hot recording, but the band was on fire. If you let this music get a hold on you, it will never let go. It becomes like taking medicine after a while, it straightens things out and makes you feel better.


Was walking my dog near the Hudson River. Ran into a guy with a dog named Smokey.

Got to talking and he asked me my dogs name. I told him Coltrane. He said that he saw John Coltrane in 1966 live. I told him I was all of 8 years old in 1966. But '63 was about the time John Coltrane got clean, converted to Islam, and in January of '65 released "A Love Supreme". Guy told me he performed it the night he saw him. I told him, "I am not worthy".... Love John Coltrane. His music transports me and gives me respite from my life's doldrums.

Loved Jimmy Garrison too and McCoy Tyner was the glue. What a wonderful band.

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