The Kyuss Josh Homme board and what's that sound?


Good performance, although the sound could be better. Nice shot of his board at 1:39. I see the Tube Works channel switcher and the chain looks like it goes wah, rotovibe, Boss DD, then Boss Eq or something with sliders.

Anyway, to those with ears for Rotovibe, is that what the wiggly sound is at the beginning of the video? I've never played with one so I have no idea.

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Ev O)))

I reckon that is the rotovibe tbh.
Thanks for sharing, mad video. I love watching old vids of Mr Reeder playing. Just looks so weird (in a good way)


Interesting. At the very beginning? Beginning of Asteroid. You think it's delay?

I do, I may be wrong, but I believe it's delay due to him rotating the switches. Bear with me here... If you take a delay and put it on "analogue" or "tape" modes (maybe even modulated delay tones) you will already hear some warble. Now, get the warble and continually speed up and slow down your delay times. You can get a weird semi-oscillation effect. I've done similar things with the Dan Echo, which already can self oscillate. Constantly moving it, with the note continually ringing, can get you pretty damn near that effect. Don't forget the insane amount of fuzz, low end, and feedback He's getting. Plus, at the time, Homme played through a bass amp, with God-knows what mods to his guitars and amp. Dude was ahead of his time, even back then.


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I think the first few seconds are the Rotovibe(notice it's in the toe down/fastest position) then it quickly transitions to the delay oscillation and the knob tweaking.
For Asteroid it's definitely rotovibe, then in the breakdown it's oscillating delay, coincidentally, I was watching this video earlier today as well.

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