The lack of Tap Tempo Input jack on delay pedals


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I'm talking about single sized boxes, like Boss, MXR, etc.

The Boss DD-5: It sounds great, cool features, but a great feature was the input for an external switch to use Tap Tempo. Any company that has released delay pedals without built in TT but that provided an input for an external Tap source got it right.

It bothers me many makers did not do this.

The hardwire DL-8 is a great delay but the built in TT feature is annoying - same with the digidelay. It was the case with the DD-6 but Boss finally got it with the DD-7 (though they already did it with the DD-5!)

Why didn't more companies do this? Or go the Strymon route and make the Input jack be either Mono or Stereo? - using a Y cable for the Stereo mode, that way you can have a Tap input jack.


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I modded my Flashback X4 so the expression pedal jack is a tap tempo jack. It just seems necessary on a digital delay to me. Now on an analog I just set it and forget it. Go figure.

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