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The last Tube Screamer you'll ever need...lot's o' PICS!


Gold Supporting Member
Take perfect TS808 circuit, add in some TS9 with the flick of a switch (or two), add the assymetrical clipping of the Boss Super Overdrive, then take some boutique style mods to give it that "Full Tone" and finally a tweak here and there and you can have all the "Dynamic" overdrive tones (Landgraff style) you want. Oh, and maybe I snuck a bit of a "horsey guy" in there too!

May I present the Screamer Lab. OK, so this is only the prototype. Credit is due to the many DIY'ers who are much smarter than me but special nod to Beavis Audio, BYOC, & the Geek. Without them I wouldn't have a clue.

The Screamer Lab is all that is good in Tube Screamer land. So many different combinations starting with the stock TS808. Dare I say it sounds better stock than some of the real classic TS'ers I've heard.

You can go to TS9 land if you want but i'ts just a subtle buffer change, but there's two switches to do that job.

Next, there's a Mid/Fat switch. Mid is the classic TS "mid-hump" sound which I like all by itself. The Fat gives you the bottom that you lose with the classic TS circuit without sounding woofy. Makes your single coil guitars kick & the humbuckers even better.

The switch on the rear just above the 1st knob lets you go from a fixed resistor value to an adjustable value using the pot. This is the "clean-up" mod and lets you dial down or dial up the intensity of the overdrive. Almost like a presence knob. Adjust the drive and tweak to you find the right grittiness or smoothness.

The next knob is the Boost adjustment. Kick in the boost with the other footswitch to kick it up a notch for solo's or to cut through just a little more.

I've saved the best for last...

Here is where the magic happens. The top 5 & the bottom 5 switches are bussed together giving you the option of classic through crazy. By that I mean switch (1) 1N914 on each bus for classic TS808. Put the 1N4001's on and get the Boss Super Overdrive Assymetrical clipping. Add 'em all together to get a little of both. It's easy to find what you like.

Next we get to the Germanium diodes and the infamous yellow LEDS. The G's are quite different and give you 60's classic tones. Think Cream to Hendrix to some of that fat, nasty, almost fuzz-like-quality tones. Fat, full, & pissed off!

The Yellow LEDS put you square into Landgraff Dynamic OD territory. I made a few upgrades to some components internally so we can get pretty close to that classic boutique tone. Also running the Screamer Lab in line with that famous "Horsey Man" pedal, I had a hard time determining the difference, at least to my untrained ears.

The fun really starts when you start experimenting with different combinations of on/off with all the diodes & LEDS. WARNING: This could easily take up a lot of hours in your day.

Bottom line is there are kick ass tones in this pedal. I am thoroughly impressed. Not that I could build it, but to the folks who designed it. Theres some serious knowledge bedind the design and to all the tweaks to make them sound right. That's where the credit is due.

Just a few quick build notes, after trying about 7 different op-amps, the OPA2134PA just sounded the best. The JRC4558D & the RC4558 were OK, but seemed to be lacking something. The OPA has it. Whatever "it" is. Also, I used full size PEC pots for a lifetime of smooth operation. Thanks to BYOC for the great board too!

Man, I need to do some clips.

Any of the SE Michigan TGP'ers want to try it, let me know~!




That is cool. Very cool. It reminds me a bit of Dano's FKR.

What are the details of the boost mod you've installed?


I like to play.
shivers dude.
well, if at anytime you want to see what the international tgpers think.. let me know ! !:drool


Now take the clippers that are your favorite and put them on a rotary switch. Then, take the fat/mid hump/no hump and turn it into a pot. Then you could control the capacitors value from a .022 to a 1.0 which lets the full range of the guitar's voice shine through. I have some other suggestions for a few other caps that you could socket and replace but they are at home on my computer. Very nice job.


Gold Supporting Member
AWESOME!!!! Now post soundclips of extra different feature it has!!! That should take quite awhile huh :)


Don Rusk

BearFoot FX Owner
here kitty kitty !!!!

are you making these for other folks ??? nudge nudge:dude

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