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When I started out I said there were two things I'd never play. A Tele and a Twin.. I got my first Tele a long time ago when I returned a Les Paul with horribly microphonic pickups...If I know what I knew now I would have just fixed it but at the time I grudgingly took the Tele on trial and some cash....the Tele never went back. A lot of Teles have come and gone but my current Tele has been with me for over 20 years. The Twin; saw this dilapidated 68' sitting in a music gigged if for almost 15 years.

The last thing I was always saying... wouldn't own PRS CE, Gibson Studios.. Even though I've picked stuff like that over the years I've always had Am. Standard Gibson or Fenders or whoever. To today, my CE22 is one the of the best guitars I've ever owned and I just picked a Les Paul Studio Lite....I amazed how much I like this guitar. It's still a little early but this guys might be a keeper.



I've owned a Les Paul Studio Lite since I bought it new in the early 90's and it's a completely different animal than most of the Studios I've gotten my hands on. It doesn't have the fancier stuff some of the other models have, but it has a lovely ebony fretboard and some decent pickups. I've never bothered to change them.

People knock it as it has portions of the body replaced for weight relief in the form of Chromyte (also known as Balsa Wood). But it doesn't seem to alter the sound in a bad way and it definitely isn't a boat anchor like some LPs I've lifted.

I've gassed over other Les Pauls, but it's mostly been due to the finish and binding, it's never been based on the sound.


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You sound like my cousin who literally despises the look of Telecasters.

I've always wanted to gift him a nice Tele (all of his guitars play pretty terrible) so that he has no choice other than to love it with his entire heart.

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