The Martin Backpacker thread.


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Just got a used Backpacker.
My brief take on it is this; very cool concept, and very close to done right. My biggest issue is the lack of a truss rod, and the action on mine is too high due to a mild bowing. I plan to add a piezo pickup, and with that I think it will be even more handy. There is much made of it being hard to hold without a strap - I've found that it is quite comfortable and usable with the strap if I perch my right forearm on the body - that also resolves the "neck dive" issue. I appreciate the good quality materials used, and think the overall design is slick. Mine is the steel string model, and although the acoustic sound is thin and "banjo-like", I think its not bad. I suspect it will be better balanced with silk/steel strings.

I think the CA Cargo blows it away as the ultimate travel acoustic, but it is no longer made and more expensive. If I can improve the neck bow, I think I'll be very happy with my Backpacker.


Sounds cool. I used to have one of those for riding on the school bus to and from school. Never used it for anything else.


Martin recommend light strings, but I put on 12's and tuned it down 2 steps. It's got more "size" this way. Never had any neck issues.

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