The Martin that got away


This is simply a story about a guitar that I knew I should've gotten at the time, and still regret not buying to this day.

Earlier this year, I want to say April time, my local music shop had in a used Martin 00015m. I believe it was a 2004 model. The poor thing didn't sound very good, and played even worse, only because the previous owner had tuned it to D standard but strung it up with baritone strings.

I have always wanted to own one of those, and I haven't owned any acoustic guitars since the day I decided that was what I wanted years ago.

It played poorly because the action was a half an inch off the fret board at the 7th fret, and sounded alright I suppose. It was off the floor for awhile, but about a week and a half later, it showed up again, this time strung with normal gauge strings.

To my surprise, the guitar played and sounded better than any acoustic I've ever owned or even played. The neck was perfectly straight, and the bridge was completely intact with no belly up at all. Practically like a new guitar.

I played for a few minutes, and thought very seriously about buying it. It was listed for $699, which at the time I did not realize was an insanely good deal. I told myself that I'd rearrange some funds after payday which was a week away, and then I'd put it on layaway in the store.

To my dismay, about 2 days later, some other customer managed to snag it and throw it on layaway before I could.

The reason I post this story now is because the shop now has newer models of 00015m that are brand new, but they simply don't sound anywhere near as good.

Moral of the story kids: If something calls to you, and you can't deny the connection, you NEED to MAKE it happen.

Rant over, go enjoy some guitar playing folks, cherish what ya got!

Irving Pye

"Rant over, go enjoy some guitar playing folks, cherish what ya got"

That's the whole ballgame:JAM


Too bad you missed that 00015 - especially at that price. But, don't despair - IMO,IME the new 15M's as a group are very good guitars. One important thing to remember is that the new ones you played have not broken in or "opened up". Also, your experience with that used one highlights how important proper setup and the "right" strings are. To me, all these factors make a real difference in acoustic guitars.

One other thing - try a 12 fret Martin 000-15SM if you can. Mine was splendid when I bought it and superb now that I've owned it and played it a couple of years. It is the plainest and one of least expensive of all acoustics I own or have owned but easily my favorite.

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