The missing piece


I am 95% happy with my tone!
I'm running a custom amp into a palmer speaker simulator into a tc multi effects and have separate wet and dry feeds to FOH.
Using a zendrive 2 and way huge green rhino I get my sound.

The way huge adds extra girth to an already big sound but I could do with just a little more sparkle on the very top end and if I could get it just a little big thicker sounding bottom end I'd be there.

I wonder if a tube driver instead would be the key ingredient or maybe an ep3 pre amp pedal?

Should I just be with where I am?


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A couple of ideas: you might try a tube preamp type drive pedal - I used to use a Matchless Hotbox, and it is very naturally "amp like".

Something I sometimes do now is to run my signal through a Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere at the end of my chain. At the slow setting the swirly effect is minimal - but it thickens the tone as well as adding some sparkle to the top end.

Just something that works for me. Good luck with your search.

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