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The most beautiful Guitar I have ever seen.


I prefer carved top guitars, and that one is spectacular. It's a beautiful color, and it really highlights the curves on that top. I think you should buy it, it's gorgeous.
Thank you SDB!! I can tell my wife I have permission!!
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Really!... Now why is that if you don't mind me asking?
I honestly don't know. I simply don't like guitars in any shade of blue for some reason, and don't even think it should be used on them. :)

I do tend to gravitate to warm and natural colors though, so I guess it's just my nature. Paradoxically, I've often been told that I look best in blue shirts from many including my wife, so I have my share, but for guitars it's just a big no. Heck, I don't even like blue cars, especially the darker shades. It actually makes me angry!

Yeah, I know, I'm twisted that way. o_O


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I like the color, and Collings makes stellar guitars, but I never liked how the upper bout on this model intersects with the neck from the front view of the guitar. I know there’s a sleek curve in the back that transitions into the lower horn, but it still doesn’t look right to me as a whole.

Though, this is from someone who now prefers Suhr’s headstock to Fender, so my opinion may be invalid.




What do you guys think?

Collings City Limits.
What do I think? Well, I don't think it's the most beautiful I have seen, but it IS the most beautiful posted in this thread so far, so there's that!

This is the one I thought of when I read the prompt, so here you go. Not mine, sadly. A well-worn '65 or '66 Jazzmaster in Ice Blue Metallic.



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I dreamed of owning a guitar just like this for MANY years, and I think I found the absolute best example of one. To me the L5s is the pinnacle of Gibson solid body design. I think my L5s is the most beautiful guitar that I've even seen...

Even Mr Wheeler thought so...

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